Faust Guilty Gear – Guide, Tips and Character Lore

Faust is one of the more interesting Guilty Gear characters, in his design, moveset, and general lore behind the character. He’s also one of the most fun to play through. Faust Guilty Gear is up there as one of the most fascinating characters in one of the top fighting games.

Faust’s backstory originally saw him as a world-leading professional in medicine. That was before a disastrous accident, in response, Faust went mad and become a rampaging murderer. Now trying to make up for his past mistakes, he’s fighting with a bag of tricks in Guilty Gear Strive.

This is what you need to know about Guilty Gear Faust. Key tips to play him, how the character works, and his role in the story of the game.

Who is Faust Guilty Gear?

Faust might have ended up something of a villain, but he’s regained his composure in the time since. Faust is back to trying to help people as a doctor, even if he still sometimes seems to be doing more harm than good. He wears a bag over his head and his movements in-game give him some of the most expansive movement options.

Faust’s movekit includes things like portals, random items, and bizarre moves that don’t massively fit within his backstory! He’s a bit of a grab bag of a character, fitting his central mechanic of the Faust Guilty Gear Bag.

Tips and Tricks for Faust Guilty Gear

Faust Guilty Gear Guide

Faust in Guilty Gear has some great combos, and interesting moves, these are some key tips and tricks for perfecting playing the character.

  • Specials – Don’t use his specials in neutral, he’ll need a bigger opening and a knocked opponent to be able to pull off his bigger moves. You basically to set up first.
  • Set-up – Setup for specials coming from using neutrals to put the pressure on. Engaging from a further distance, you can use his ranged normal attacks to both keep the opponent at bay against a brawler, and rack up damage and get them in a position where there’s an opening.
  • Space – Keeping space and control is key. Faust’s slashes hit much wider and can push opponents back. He can even cover the low ground with slashes, but watch for punishes when switching up the high and low.
  • Neutrals – The Faust Guilty Gear Strive normal attacks all have great range and potential. You should be watching for where your opponent is guarding and expecting, you have options to come from different heights.
  • Double Up – A few of Faust’s attacks can be repeated with a second press, letting you pick and throw away an opponent.
  • Three Hit Kick – Try and land all three hits when you can, but this is also a great feint to cancel out into an item toss.

The Random Bag

Guilty Gear Strive Faust’s items all come from his bag, but they’re completely random. This means the player doesn’t know what they’re throwing out, but neither does the opponent. This won’t always go your way but embracing the random chance is a big part of playing Faust Guilty Gear.If you want an idea of how far you can take his kit though, look up some matches from major tournaments like EVO.

Watch your opponent’s reaction to engaging the bag, this will show how they’re dealing with your item randomness and potentially give you the chance to punish them. Be careful of some items though, as things like the bomb and trumpet can be used against him too.

Faust Guilty Gear Guide

Your Playstyle as Faust Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear Faust can be a tricky character to master as he’s less conventional. He’s got loads of zoning skills though, while it’s not the most popular style of player, fighting game devotees will know this kind of character well. Faust has a bag he carries with him where he can pull various items from and throw them out during the fight. Which item you get is random though, which adds a bit of unpredictability to the way he plays.

Faust has lower damage moves but can hit some hitting high damage combos. You’ll need to be clocking up damage more slowly and regularly, using zoning and items to keep your opponents at bay.

There are also some Faust Guilty Gear combos you can use to help get that damage in consistently, these are some of his main combos you’ll want to learn to master the character. His items are key for quite a few of the better Faust Guilty Gear Strive combos.

Faust can also crawl on the ground as a movement mechanic which is more useful than it might feel, get used to avoiding moves using the crawl. Unique movement and randomness along with his gangly frame it can make him much less predictable. This spider walk can set you up to dodge an attack and punish.

Foust also has a weird gliding and downward spin which add a lot to his moves. Both are good tools for relieving pressure on you. Switching between the spiral down and tornados can prevent this from being too easily punished. Another big mobility tool is the teleport. Avoid it when you don’t have the meter, but once you do it adds a lot to how you can attack.

Faust Guilty Gear Lore

Why does Faust wear a bag? That’s the first question that pops up with a lot of players for Guilty Gear Strive Faust, he does have a deep lore which explains the bag.

After Faust regained his sense of composure after his little murder spree, he was disgusted by his actions. He decided to begin wearing the paper bag to hide his identity but also as a marker of shame for himself. Some of Faust’s emotes plays around with his bag.

Faust Guilty Gear Guide

What happened to Faust?

Faust’s story begins with him as a surgeon that’s highly regarded in his field. A patient dies on the operating table though, which caused Faust to kind of snap. He briefly lost his mind and went on a bit of a rampage. Once he came back to his senses, he added a bag to his head to hide his shame.

Later in the Guilty Gear Faust story, there are more developments with Faust seeking to redeem himself, but it’s worth going through the story yourself to see how it all turns out.

Is Faust a Hero or a Villain in Guilty Gear?

Faust might technically be on the heroic side of Guilty gear, but he’s definitely kind of complicated. The character has done some bad things. When we catch him in Guilty Gear Strive though, he’s trying to atone for all of those mistakes.