For Honor Season One Ends and 1.06 is Released

For Honor has been out for over two months now, and last night (April 25) marked the end of the first season. The developers warned us that the season rewards would be worth fighting for, but not everyone listened. Many players were disregarding some of the aspects of the faction war; an action that likely won’t happen again.

The Viking faction won the first season of For Honor, and was rewarded with five loot boxes, three gold emblem outlines, and a unique ornament for every character in the game. These rewards were certainly worth placing soldiers after each battle. Second and third place got a silver and bronze emblem outline, respectively, and a share of their own loot boxes as well.


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The community seems to be split over whether or not these rewards were enough for their efforts. Reddit is buzzing over the faction war right now, with some people saying the rewards are fair and others complaining that the faction war system is broken. Players argue that a bad player can be rewarded for picking the right faction, while a good player suffers for picking the wrong one. Others seem content with their second and third place rewards, claiming it was more than they expected.

Some have voiced complaints that this Vikings win will push players to switch to the Vikings faction going forward, even further swaying the odds in their favor, but this remains to be seen. Once season two comes around, the developers will have a better feel of how the faction war succeeded and where it failed.

Patch 1.06

Patch 1.06 was released today for PC players, with console players likely to get the update in about a week. There likely won’t be the long lay-off console players experienced with the release of the last patch for For Honor.

Patch 1.06, like many of the other patches in the past, looks to address the connectivity issues that have been plaguing For Honor since its release. The peer-to-peer connection has been under scrutiny since day one, with dropped games and disconnections being all-too common in the For Honor community. Ubisoft looks like they finally made some strides in patch 1.06, but further playtime will be the ultimate decider.

Some characters that saw changes in this patch include Peacekeeper, Warden, Lawbringer, Orochi, and Shugoki. Shugoki saw his Oni charge nerfed considerably, as developers took away the ability to knock down opponents and adjust the direction of the charge. The two other characters that were nerfed are Warden and Peacekeeper. Warden’s nerfs centered around his shoulder bash, which was too strong and exploitable in some situations. Peacekeeper’s light attacks were slowed down a bit, allowing players more reaction time when fighting her.


For Honor © 2017 | Ubisoft

The buffs of this patch were given to Orochi and Lawbringer. Lawbringer, who already saw a buff in the last patch, got his shove adjusted to effect an area rather than a single player. Orochi gained an uninterruptible stance on his deflect attacks, which is a positive change because they were easy to interrupt. Still, few players attempt deflects in For Honor, as a parry is usually safer and more effective.

Bug fixes in this patch include fixing a bleed bug, which allowed some characters to apply bleed without contact. There was also character specific bugs that were patched, including Berserker’s out-of-stamina punish and Lawbringer’s light attack after shove.

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