Leffen Wins Guilty Gear Strive EVO 2023 Tournament

Guilty Gear Strive is a title with tons of life left in it and that’s been proven at EVO 2023. The Guilty Gear Strive EVO 2023 tournament was one of the most exciting across the entire weekend. It’s seen a player probably best known for his performance in other fighting games step up and become an EVO champion. This is what happened at the event.

Leffen Wins Guilty Gear Strive EVO 2023

Source: EVO

Guilty Gear Strive at EVO 2023

With major points for the Arc World Tour at stake, there was a lot riding on these finals. The tournament didn’t disappoint though. While tons of great players showed up, Leffen definitely proved his strength in GGS right now.

He started his run off in the semi-finals for the winners bracket. Here he went through to the Final with little resistance from Tyurara. There he faced Korean player Daru_I-No. This was a tougher match, but Leffen ultimately secured his spot at the Grand Finals with a 3-1 win. That’s where things get a bit more anti-climactic! Leffen had an undefeated run through the winner’s bracket and things only smoother for him from there.

Leffen won the Grand Finals up against NBNHMR, winning with a 3-0 score. Even in each set, Leffen went 2-0, then 2-1 twice sticking with Happy Chaos the whole time. NBHNMR had fought his way up through the Losers Bracket since the semi-finals. However, ultimately Leffen secured his status as the EVO winner for Guilty Gear Strive. He can now add his achievements in Strive to his status as one of the best Melee players of all time.

Guilty Gear Strive EVO 2023 Preview

EVO 2023 is promising to be the biggest event ever held in the fighting game series. New games like Street Fighter 6 have catapulted the number of registered players up. Titles like Guilty Gears Strive have still seen a big increase in those showing up though. As probably the biggest anime fighting game being represented at the Tournament, Guilty Gear Strive at EVO 2023 is going to be one of the game’s biggest competitive events to date.

If you want to get prepped for this huge tournament, these are the main players to watch for. That’s along with the general format and how this bigger event for GG is going to work.

Guilty Gear Strive EVO 2023

Source: EVO

Guilty Gear Strive EVO 2023

The format for Guilty Gear Strive at EVO 2023 is pretty familiar. If you’re not up to speed with how tournaments like Tekken at EVO are running though, this is how it works.

We start with a wider pools round. Since Strive has nearly 2,500 people competing this time, it’s a long one. Once that narrows down, we’re eventually left with a top 6. Then, there’s a double-elimination bracket to find the very best player.

The prize pool for Guilty Gear Strive stands at $49,810. It’s also part of the 2023 Arc World Tour though. This means players will receive points for the wider circuit as long as well their prize for placing at EVO 2023. It’s going to make it one of the most tightly-fought games at the event.

Top Players to Watch in Guilty Gear Strive at EVO 2023

This is one of the most subscribed to years at EVO 2023 so there are way too many players attending to detail them all. We’ve got a few names and key players to watch for at the Guilty Gear Strive though.


Zando Guilty Gear Strive EVO 2023


Zando is one of the players with the most eyes on them at EVO 2023 thanks to their position on the Arc World Tour so far. He’s coming off fresh off a bit win at Headstomper 2023 along with 2nd at Combo Breaker. He’s sat at the right top of the leaderboard for AWT right now too.


Skyll Guilty Gear Strive EVO 2023

Source: Red Bull

Skyll is one of the best-performing players at the 2022 Arc World Tour that’s going to be at EVO. They managed third place last year, and are definitely in the top flight of Guilty Gear right now. It would be an impressive run if they can take EVO this year too.


USHIMO Guilty Gear Strive EVO 2023

Source: EVO

USHIMO is returning to EVO 2023 as the reigning champion for Guilty Gear Strive. At the last tournament, they came in first. There might be a whole season of other events in between, but that still carries a lot of weight and they’re worth watching at this year’s tournament too.

Guilty Gear Strive EVO 2023 Stream

Those are some of the top players competing in Guilty Gear Strive at this year’s EVO. It’s going to be one of the bigger events on the calendar for the game this year, with a lot more eyes on its expanded roster of players. If you’re looking to watch along with the action on the official stream.

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