Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition Launches with Wider Free-to-Play Options

Killer Instinct is a fighting game series that’s been around since the 90s, but only received a few titles. Bouncing between developers, the title’s 2013 instalment is up there as one of the best fighting games around that period. The game has just received a major Anniversary Edition update! Players on both Xbox and PC can enjoy this brand new update.

This new version of the game is adding quite a bit to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the game. One of the more exciting parts of the update is the expansion of the free-to-play mode. The game originally had some content free, but it was essentially a glorified demo. The new version of Killer Instinct is going to expand things out quite a bit further for free-to-play users though.

Kiler Instinct

Source: @KillerInstinct

Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition Expand Free-to-Play Options

The new version of Killer Instinct is taking things further for those playing for free. Rather than just being an area to test things out, players are getting a rotating batch of content. You’ll see free characters which are changed around as the year moves on. Players will get to test out more content in the game before they make the jump. While this update does flesh things out, the bulk of the content is still limited to Killer Instinct as a paid title.

This new Anniversary Update of the game is getting pushed out across PC and Xbox. It’s even on Game Pass, which quite a few of the best Xbox fighters are already. There are a few different upgrades coming to this version of the game. The alterations to the free-to-play version of the game is particularly exciting though. This will all make the game a lot more accessible. While Killer Instinct isn’t as well-known as some franchises like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, this could be a perfect jumping-on-point for new players.

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