Top Players and Narratives to Watch for at Major Upset Smash Bros Event

We’re in the midst of a packed few weeks for Smash, between the just concluded the final Smash Summit, and Major Upset is just about to kick off over the weekend. This is a new format for the tournament being put on by Back in Blood, by far their biggest yet. There are some great players attending, and a few that are definitely worth watching over the tournament. Maybe top of everyone’s mind for Ultimate is Sparg0, surely looking for a return to the top flight with this event. Both sides of Smash Bros look promising for this event though.

Major Upset

The Major Upset Smash Bros tournament is a new type of event from Back in blood, with a fresh two-day format. It’s going to have three games in total played. There is Smash Ultimate with a total prize pool of over $18,000, Melee with a pool of just over $10,0000, and Rivals of Aether as a side event.

Major Upset - Smash Bros

Source: Back in Blood

The tournament is kicking off on April 1 and running both days over the weekend. There are doubles events for both Melee and Ultimate. It’s singles which is the main focus though. That’s where we’re going to see some big players facing off.

Ultimate at Major Upset

Recent tournaments in Smash Bros have been pretty surprising this year. From an Incineroar Major final to acola winning at Smash Ultimate Summit 6, some of the major names from last year have stumbled a little at the opening. Sparg0 is someone who has demonstrated he’s out for a Major win now.

Major Upset - Smash Bros

Source: @Sparg0ssb

Sparg0 had climbed to a high position in the rankings after winning both Mainstage and Scuffed World Tour following his return from hiatus. He’ll be looking for a fresh win at Major Upset, but the competition is steep.

Also at the event though are some of the best Smash bros players. MKLeo is attending, typically mentioned as the best in Ultimate as a whole. While he took an early win at Genesis, he’s been knocked out in the 9-12th region at both competitions since. Just like Sparg0, he’ll be a tough fight at Upset.

Those are two of the main players to watch at Major Upset for Ultimate. There’s a decent roster of others joining though which will make sure neither has an easy run through the bracket. We’re also going to see Riddles, Kurama, Big D, Cosmos, Zomba, and more at this event. Any of these players could deny those two a MKLeo v Sparg0 final.


That’s what to look at for Major Upset Ultimate, but Melee is a no less stacked event. Here we’ve got Zain competing, widely known as one of the best Smash Bros players currently competing in Melee. In recent events though, he has faced a lot more resistance than in the first half of 2022.

Zain - Major Upset

Credit: @RellFGC

Zain is still the number 1 ranked player, but has dropped down the results in the tournaments since the Ludwig Smash Invitational. After finishing second at Collision, Zain might be making the jump back to first with Major Upset.

Beyond Zain, there’s also Cody Schwab, Hungrybox, KoDoRiN, Plup and more at the event. Another interesting player to watch at the tournament is going to be aMSa. The Yoshi made has done huge things lately, breaking Melee wide open after his first major win with the character, then again at Scuffed. It’s going to be tough to make a clean run through all of these great players.

Those are the major players and narratives to watch out for at the Major Upset Smash tournament. This promises to be one of the most exciting yet, so make sure you check out the stream to see who comes out on top.

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