New Street Fighter Movie Gets Director Attached

Street Fighter is no stranger to adaptations. It’s been the source material behind live action films, animated films, and TV series. All this since its 1987 debut. Along with a new game on the horizon, we’ve recently learnt Capcom has even bigger plans. There’s a new Street Fighter movie coming! This one has a few important differences that could make all the difference in quality though. Most recently,we’ve learnt that the project finally has a director attached.

We’d already gotten confirmation of a new Street Fighter movie coming. While, it is pretty early in production, the movie now has a director which can give us some clues to the direction their ranking. It might take a while to actually see a trailer, this isn’t something that will tie in with the Street Fighter 6 release date or anything. With a director on the project though, we now know a bit more about the movie.

Street Fighter Movie Gets Director Attached

The new Street Fighter movie has just had its director revealed. An Australian filmmaking pair will be chairing the new film. They’re Danny and Michael Philippou! They’re best known for their work in horror movies, notably directing Talk to Me. That film had a strong response from recent Sundance festivals. Piror to this, they were known for a YouTube channel called RackaRacka.

Street Fighter Movie Directors Announced

Source: Deadline

Before they work on Street Fighter, the Duo is working on a newer project called bring Her Back. These are relatively young filmmakers, but their approach to horror has already won them a lot of fans. It’ll be interesting to see which direction they take the Street Fighter movie.

New Street Fighter Movie

Earlier this year, we first got wind of a new Street Fighter project earlier this week, when the rights to the game were snapped up by Legendary Pictures. Since Street Fighter is no stranger to adaptations, the rights for the film were a bit more difficult than just going to Capcom. This latest project looks like it might different though.

Legendary is behind a few other video game adaptations. They handled Detective Project, one of the newer attempts at bringing the Nintendo juggernaut to cinemas. They were also behind Warcraft, the slightly more divisive adaptation of the popular fantasy franchise from Moon’s Duncan Jones.

Legendary Pictures

Source: Legendary Pictures

Just days after the rights were purchased, we’ve gotten full confirmation of a new Street Fighter movie coming from Legendary Pictures. Compared to the video game adaptations that plagued the 90s though, this one will have much more involvement from Capcom.

Capcom will be co-producing the new Street Fighter movie. This is the only other major bit of information we’ve got about the project. We can expect the most iconic Street Fighter characters to make an appearance though. For a lot of fans though, having more direct involvement is a good sign.

Changing Video Game Adaptations

The first attempt at a Street Fighter live-action movie is often thought of alongside the 80s Mario Bros film as an example of how badly these adaptations can turn out. Modern adaptations have taken a different tract though.

Direct involvement from those behind the games themselves often is a mark of a film that’s going to pay more attention to the franchise’s core fans. With Capcom taking an active role in the development of the new Street Fighter movie, we should see more care being given to keep the project true to the source material.

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