Fighting Games News

August 15, 2019
Fighting Games

FGC bans female Street Fighter Pro for inappropriate behaviour

As in any type of environment, really, the organisers of esports events have to take care in order to make sure that none of their attendees are harassed or otherwiseMore
August 7, 2019
Super Smash Bros

Despite all odds, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sets viewership record at EVO 2019

If you watched the EVO 2019 tournament over the weekend, then be assured there were thousands more watching the event that time. In fact, the number of viewership at theMore
August 5, 2019
Fighting Games

Riot Games Officially announced that they’ve been working on a new fighting game

League of Legends publisher, Riot Games, is pretty much known only for the MOBA. One of the most popular esports in the world, LoL has been popular for years! NowMore
August 2, 2019
Fighting Games

Top 10 Competitive Fighting Games you need to follow

Competitive fighting games aren’t quite as popular as some other esports genres are, like shooters and MOBAs, but they have dedicated followings. In fact, fighting games are some of theMore
August 1, 2019
Fighting Games

EVO Championship Series 2019 is almost upon us

The big day is almost here – Vegas based EVO 2019 is about to launch. Perhaps the most popular fighting tournament in the world, EVO definitely features some of theMore
May 17, 2019
Super Smash Bros

Super Mario Maker 2 blue-shells the esports scene at Nintendo’s E3 event

What’s the most nostalgic game you can think of? An old Sonic game? A Pokemon title? Zelda? Well, maybe. The answers may vary, but there’s a good chance that yourMore
April 17, 2019
Fighting Games

Mortal Kombat’s first tournament is about to shake up the fighting esports world

While fighting games aren’t as popular as first-person-shooters or even as popular as MOBAs, they do have a dedicated fanbase with plenty of activity around the globe. Specifically, in Asia,More
April 1, 2019
Esports Industry

Esports Mogul teams up with Melbourne Melee

Melbourne Melee is well known as being one of Australia’s leading esports communities for the Super Smash Bros title, and it is going to be getting a helping hand fromMore
March 29, 2019
Fighting Games

Dead or Alive 6 – ‘Greatest’ World Championship coming soon

Not long after the release of the newest entry in the popular fighting-game series, a World Championship for it has been revealed by Team Ninja. Game publisher Team Ninja didn’tMore
March 14, 2019
Fighting Games

Full details of the TEKKEN World Tour by Bandai Namco now revealed!

The third tournament season of the Tekken World Tour is about to start, and details for it were just revealed by publisher Bandai Namco! This time around, the fighting game’sMore
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