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Esports Mogul teams up with Melbourne Melee

Melbourne Melee is well known as being one of Australia’s leading esports communities for the Super Smash Bros title, and it is going to be getting a helping hand fromMore
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Dead or Alive 6 – ‘Greatest’ World Championship coming soon

Not long after the release of the newest entry in the popular fighting-game series, a World Championship for it has been revealed by Team Ninja. Game publisher Team Ninja didn’tMore
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Full details of the TEKKEN World Tour by Bandai Namco now revealed!

The third tournament season of the Tekken World Tour is about to start, and details for it were just revealed by publisher Bandai Namco! This time around, the fighting game’sMore
Fighting Games

Evo 2019 is coming to Vegas, Baby!

After the most recent EVO event in Japan on the 17th of February, the next one is already set to happen, and this one is going to be in theMore
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Will Jump Force join the Fighting Game esports ranks?

In the esports world, fighting games aren’t quite as high profile as other titles like MOBAs or even FPS games. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of fansMore
Fighting Games

EVO Japan is about to start in Fukuoka

Short for Evolution Championship Series, EVO is the largest and longest-running fighting game tournament series in the world. There have been events all over the world of course, and theMore
Fighting Games

Evolution Championship Series bans games from EVO Japan 2019

The EVO or Evolution Champoinship Series is the world’s premier fighting game esports tournament – and just a little while ago, the list of games for the EVO Japan 2019More
Fighting Games

Soulja Boy wants to build Overwatch and Fortnite esports team

Rapper Soulja Boy has been making bizarre headline after bizarre headline the last few days. First, he launched his own ‘game console’ called Soulja Game – essentially, an emulator thatMore
Fighting Games

Red Bull Conquest comes to Washington DC

One of the world’s premier esports fighting tournaments, Red Bull Conquest, made a recent appearance at the US political capital, Washington DC. The massive event took place in the city’sMore
Fighting Games

Fighting Esports Group raises a whopping $15 million

No, that figure isn’t made up. The Chinese gaming network Fighting Esports Group (FEG) has lofty aims in mind, namely to grow the mobile esports network. The funding round wasMore
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