Record Breaking Capcom Cup X Prize Pool – Awesome reactions!

The Capcom Cup X had its full announcement over the weekend and it looks huge. This tenth edition of the tournament series has much higher stakes. The Capcom Cup X Prize Pool is the biggest in fighting game history. It’s also following other tournaments making the move to being one of the first Street Fighter 6 tournaments. The tournament change has stepped it up to the next level, and fans have noticed.

Capcom Pro Tour Prize Pool

The Capcom Cup X was announced at the final of the last event, the Capcom Cup IX. The tournament is going to have a $2 million dollar prize pool. The winner alone will take home over $1 million, an enormous commitment to competitive Street Fighter, especially when compared to other fighting games.

The reaction from fans and even those outside of the normal fighting game community has been pretty impressive.

Capcom Players React to Huge Capcom Cup X Prize Pool

The prize pool has definitely caught attention, with a $1.7 million increase over last year! Obviously, Street Fighter players have been pretty buzzed about the idea of competing for a share of this.

It’s not just been Street Fighter players though. The game has blown past other fighting games to claim the record for the highest prize pool, which might have a few players from other games taking notice.

SF prize pool reactions

Even SonicFox, a renowned player for his skills across loads of games is calling for some increases.

FGC Capcom Prize Pool Reacts

That’s alongside just about everyone seeing what a draw this is going to be.

The new Capcom Cup X Prize pool is going to make the coming year the biggest ever for competitive Street Fighter. With so many taking notice, we might see some new faces moving over to SF from the other top fighting games soon.