Red Bull Golden Letters Tekken 7 LAN Returns to London in 2023

A new iteration of the Tekken 7 Lan Red Bull Golden Letters has just been announced! This is a British event for the fighter with some of the top active players, along with the opportunity for new names to raise up the ranks in this one of the top fighting games. While they’re attending, this is also the chance for fresh players to grab a win.

The London tournament is following up on the original event held last year. It’s got a similar format. However, the event will be expanded this year! This is how it’s going to work.


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Red Bull Gold Letters Tournament

The Red Bull Golden Letters Tekken 7 LAN has just had its full details unveiled. The event was first held last year but it’s making a comeback with an even bigger roster of players this year. The Tekken 7 Red Bull Golden Letters Tournament Is going to be taking place over March 4-5th. We’ll see fights between players across both days before it comes to a conclusion.

The first day of the event will see the opening qualifier be played out This will have 128 players competing in pools. This is expanded quite a bit from previous events in the series! These are aspiring esports players. They might not have the biggest names yet, but they’ve all proven their worth. These players are going to be competing for a chance to make it all the way to face the invited pros.

The matches at the event are going to be played in a best-of-three format. This is going to keep the match-ups short enough for things to stay moving. There’s an extra rule in place though. Players are aiming to get three Perfect or Great scores in these matches too, which will win the set automatically by way of Golden Letters. That’s where the Red Bull Golden Letters event is getting its name!

The second day of the event will see the finals take place. By this point, players will be whittled down to just the top 8. Here they’re going to be facing 8 different players who were invited to the event.

Players at the Tekken 7 LAN

One unique aspect of the Red Bull Golden Letters Invitational is how it combines aspiring competitive Tekken players with some of the top players already known in the game. More ammeter competitors get to test their skills against the very best players. Although, this kind of setup is unique. It can help to push new talent to the forefront of Tekken along with featuring more established players. Some of these players emerging here could end up competing at events like EVO in the future.

One player will be a clear favourite to watch at the tournament though, AyoRichie. The UK player took first place after an impressive win at the last event in 2022.

The event is going to be streamed live over on the Red Bull Twitch Channel. You can follow along with all of the action at home. While the stream will run all weekend, it’s when we get to the finals that we’ll see the Invited players join the fray on Sunday.

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