Rushdown Revolt 1.0 Launches with Shaky Start for New Fighting Games

Rushdown Revolt 1.0 has brought the game into the open with a full alpha launch. The title is a new platform fighter that, if it does well, has the potential to join titles like Brawlhalla as one of the best fighting games. It’s had a long history of tests and previews, but with 1.0 the fight has finally hit the game proper. The full release came on May 26th, but it’s had a few hiccups thanks to splitting time with Combo Breaker 2023.

Rushdown Revolt 1.0 Launches to Full Access

Rushdown Revolt 1.0 is here, finally as the wider launch for the title. After quite a few early tests, it’s openly available now. Although, it’s got some strange quirks for how you access it. The title is launching as free-to-play. It goes a little beyond the normal free versus premium balance of titles though. There are extra cosmetics here the game, but a pretty core part of the title is actually locked behind the paywall.

It’s free to jump into Rushdown Revolt 1.0. You can explore all of the characters and offline content it has to offer. What about online though? That’s going to cost you.

Rushdown Revolt 1.0

Source: @RushdownRevolt

If you play online in Rushdown Revolt 1.0, it costs $24.99. That’s optional, and it is an impressive online for a smaller title. It has rollback netcode! That’s going to make it a much more effective online experience, even if it’s one that carries a higher price tag.

Vortex Games, who developed the game, have said more content might be coming as paid DLC in the future. It’s an interesting way of splitting things up at least. Players have had a mixed experience since launch, as we’ve already had a hotfix since the release of Rushdown Revolt 1.0. Developers have been pretty open about the process though

Hotfixes and More for Rushdown

Before we got Rushdown Revolt 1.0, we had expansive testing phases for the game. That hasn’t meant the title has launched entirely smoothly though. It had a few problems at launch, including one with hosting games that at the moment they’re using Discord to distribute a workaround. The game is coming from only a five-person team though, and within days they had a rollout plan for hotfixes.

Rushdown Revolt might have launched with a couple of problems, but they’ve done a good job of communicating back to the player base. It looks like there’s a real future for this game, once it’s over the launch issues. The monetization model is a bit more experimental, but only time will tell if players are willing to pay for the online upgrade. Plenty of free-to-play fighters have had big success recently like Brawlhalla crossing 100 million players. Rushdown Revolt could hit similar heights if it strikes a chord with players.

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