Paragon Signs ScrawtVermillion to Fighting Game Roster

2023 has been a big year for fighters with new circuits and games taking it to the highest level of esports. This has also translated to higher prize pools and more viewership numbers. As 2024 begins, more and more esports organizations are showing interest in fighting game esports and buffing out their rosters. Most recently, Paragon signed ScrawtVermillion, one of the top fighting game players out there.

ScrawtVermillion is a great representation of what makes some players in fighting games so impressive, in that he’s a pro-level player in more than one game. It’s not uncommon to see players placing well in tournaments for very different games across each tournament. What does this new signing mean for the player and Paragon?

Melty Blood EVO 2023 - ScrawtVermillion

Source: @CEOGaming

ScrawtVermillion Signs with Paragon

This week, we’ve seen a new signing announced for Paragon Esports. The org already operates teams in quite a few games like Tekken and Guilty Gear. Their rosters include some big players like phiDX, FlashMetroid, and JoeCrush. Now, they’ve made another new addition ahead of the 2024 season with ScrawtVermillion.

This new player definitely brings some more prestige to the squad. ScrawtVermillion is one of the best players active in anime fighting games, and he’s been on fire this year. In the last year alone, he’s won First Attack 2023, CEOTaku 2023, CEO 2023, and Combo Breaker. That’s along with a 5-6th place finish at EVO in Melty Blood.

It isn’t just Melty Blood he’s active in, though. He’s had some results in FighterZ, Granblue Fantasy, and even DNF Duel. Having talent across all of these games definitely helps to expand the titles Paragon are operating in. They might be taking home quite a few major titles for Melty Blood in 2024.

Increasingly, orgs are looking to sign more fighting game players. Paragon already have a decent roster. With the signing of ScrawtVermillion, they’re definitely at one of the highest levels of fighting game esports for next year.

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