Sparg0 Wins Back to Back Coinbox Ultimate Tournaments

There are plenty of big Smash events going on right now, but the weekly Coinbox features are always a nice inclusion. These smaller online tournaments are a great chance to see some of the best players competing on stream. Sparg0 has had some incredible results in the last two Coinbox Ultimate tournament series. He’s taken back to back wins, a rare feat in a game as dynamic Smash Bros Ultimate. With most of the best Smash Bros players turning up, the Cloud main has still managed to take two tournaments in a row.

The Coinbox series is an online event hosted by Hungrybox. These events offer regular tournaments in Ultimate and since this year, Melee at Coinbox too. It’s a great chance to catch a Smash event with a lot of major names regularly. It’s rare that one player manages to dominate for such a stretch of time though, which is exactly what’s happened with Spargo’s back to back Coinbox Ultimate Wins.

Sparg0 Wins Back to back coinbox ultimate events

Source: @LiquidHBox

Sparg0 Wins Back-to-Back Coinbox Ultimate Tournaments

Sparg0 has a strong player in Smash Ultimate for quite a while, most recently winning Coinbox 77! The player climbed up the rankings once again to take the top spot at the latest Coinbox Ultimate event. It was a finale dominated by some unconventional characters like another Sonic making it onto the chart from Wraith. Just before this, Sparg0 had also won the last Coinbox Ultimate event, with the win at 77 making it two in a row.

At Coinbox 75, Sparg0 also claimed victory. (76 was a Melee event) The Cloud main just beat out Sonix in that game showing his clear strength in Ultimate right now.

The two Coinboxes in a row really show what Sparg0 can do right now. Up against different sets of players, he’s demonstrating how he’s been one of the top Ultimate players for such a long stretch now.

Between Sparg0’s wins, we did see some Melee events take place. Most recently was a Coinbox in Melee won by Cody Schwab. The player has been on the rise lately. In terms of Ultimate, at the moment all eyes are on Sparg0 after his recent back-to-back Coinbox win.

Is Sparg0 Back on Top?

Sparg0’s recent results have definitely increased the standing of the player, but over 2023 as a whole, he’s had a great year. He’s won Delfino Maze, Smash Factor X, Smash Revolution, and Battle of BC 5. He’s had a pretty strong run, with only really an early finish at Super Smash Con letting things down. When it comes to the player rankings, this might weigh a bit heavily. With results like the back-to-back Coinbox Ultimate wins though, Sparg0 is clearly on top of Smash Ultimate right now. He’s a clear player to watch for the rest of the year’s events.

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