Street Fighter League USA Returns

Street Fighter 6 has been far and away one of the most successful fighting games of the year, or the whole genre for quite a while now. It has already gotten some huge tournaments. There are new events weekly, but we’re currently expecting the relaunch of a major League for the game. The Street Fighter League USA is about to make a comeback.

Capcom has taken to Twitter this week to officially update fans of what’s coming next for the Street Fighter League. The tournament series is already underway in Japan, and Europe is going to start pretty soon. What about the American side of the League though? That’s going to be starting back up soon, and we’ve learnt about a few more teams joining the fray.

Street Fighter League USA

Source: Capcom Fighters

Street Fighter League USA Teams Announced

In the build-up to the Street Fighter League USA start up, we’re getting more details most days. New rosters and teams have been announced pretty frequently as build up to kick off and we’ve got a decent look at all of the teams who will be taking part. These are some of the highlights from the squads we’ve seen so far.

Versus Vortex

A major feature of the versus Vortex roster is going to be a former EVO winner. Xian,

DCQ, Oil King, and Nl will be competing as Versus Vortex. This is actually the same squad who competed as UYU last year, winning the last Street Fighter League USA. This will definitely be one of the quads to watch given their strength in previous years. While they lost out in the world Championship to Japan, they’re essentially reigning champs for the US.

Street Fighter League

Site: @VersusVortex

UYU Returns with New Roster

While Versus Vortex is bringing back the major roster who had such big successes last year, their old team is still fielding a roster. This time it’s got a fresh batch of players hoping for success in the new SF 6 version of the Street Fighter League USA. This time there is VxBao, Zhen,

There’s still a few more teams announcements to come, but so far, we’ve already seen some major players jump in. the Street Fighter League will definitely be an interesting tournament this time around.

Street Fighter League USA Returns – First Team Announced

The Street Fighter League USA will be making a return, Capcom has announced a few key elements of the returning series. The first team taking part in the game has been cleared up. The first set of players will be Endemic. They’ve played in the SF League USA in the past, but there’s a big change this time.

Endemic will be featuring a brand-new roster of players this time. In the previous season, they had Shine, Gamerbee, iDom, and Nuckledu taking part, some of the best SF 6 players. Who is part of the team this time though? We’re getting to see Samurai, ChrisCCH, Reynald, and FlashMetroid. This is another impressive roster of players and Endemic could be a team to watch at the Street Fighter League USA.

The League is a bit of a different type of tournament for SF. It’s not a 1-v-1 event played in a bracket like you’ll find for all of the Capcom Cup events. Instead, it’s played as a team-based game. As a pretty unique format, it’s a bit of a change from the normal fare. This can make it a really fun tournament to tune into around the SF 6 events.

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