Big $25K Tekken 8 Twitch Rivals Tournament Coming Next Week

Twitch Rivals is a huge tournament series that pits top streamers against each other in different games. The latest title to be featured in the series has just been announced and it’s the new Tekken 8 Twitch Rivals tournament! This will see a bunch of the best Tekken players on the streaming platform competing head-to-head. How will the new tournament work?

Tekken 8 is the biggest fighting game release of 2024 so far. The game has had a strong launch, a big part of that has been seeing streamers playing the game and labbing out each fighter. While we’re kicking off the next Twitch Rivals Tournament soon, opening tournaments are a fun chance to see how the game is developing. The Tekken 8 Twitch Rivals event will be an impressive tournament, with a $25K prize pool up for grabs! This is how the tournament will work and when you can catch it.

Tekken 8 Twitch Rivals

Source: @TwitchRivals

Tekken 8 Twitch Rivals

The new tournament, the Twitch Rivals Juggle Gym, has just been announced. It’s a new event featuring 16 different streamers competing directly. It’s taking place on Feb. 16, starting at 2 PM Pacific time. Who will be taking part in the tournament, though? So far, that’s not quite been made public.

We can expect 16 of the top Tekken streamers to make an appearance here. Often, Twitch Rivals events have an eye on featuring more entertaining players rather than those who we’d see in more standard Tekken FGC esports events. This can make for an interesting mix of players, though. It’s an approach we’ve seen become more popular recently, with SF 6 embracing events focused on V-tubers. We can expect to see some of the bigger figures in the Tekken streaming community.

The Tekken 8 Twitch Rivals event is only featuring 16 players, so it’s likely going to take place simply in a bracket. The other major detail revealed so far is that the event will carry a total prize of $25,000 which is an impressive figure for a streamer event. The tournament will be taking place in just over a week, so be sure to tune into the official Twitch Rivals stream to catch all the action live.

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