Under Night 2 Smart Steer Opens Up Huge New Combo Potential

2023 saw most of the major fighters receive new titles, but 2024 is looking pretty packed so far too. We’ve got games like Tekken releasing, but also Under Night In-Birth 2. It’s a new sequel to the fighting game franchise which has a few big innovations from the first title. Recently announced on the official Twitter account of the game is a new Under Night 2 Smart Steer system.

Under Night 2 is a fresh sequel coming from Arc System Works. It’s a follow-up to one of the most fun anime fighting games, and the fresh sequel is giving it quite a few new features. The Smart Steer system is getting some changes with the sequel, particularly it’s going to be bringing it in line with those seen in some other games. This is what’s changing with the Under Night 2 Smart Steer system and how it’s changing.

Under Night 2 Smart Steer

Source: @inbirthPR

Under Night 2 Smart Steer Changes Coming

One of the bigger new features detailed so far for the Under Night sequel is the changes to Smart Steer. This is a system that deals with auto-combos. It’s getting changes in the new game to make it a bit easier to use. When an attack hits, you can use A+B to do a special move that simply connects into a combo.

This change to Under Night 2 Smart Steer will help to open up the combo system in the game. Most of the best fighting games these days have made steps to make combos a bit easier to use. Street Fighter 6 has simple controls and other games are looking into this too. Under Night In-Birth 2 changes will simply input combos, great for a game that’s been a bit more specialist in the past.

Under Night In-Birth 2

The next release in the series will implement these Under Night In-Birth 2 Smart Steer changes. Its release date is coming up pretty soon now. We’ll be able to see how the new changes are handled when the game releases on January 25. We don’t have long left, so it’s a great time to get on top of all of the changes that are coming or jump into Under Night for the first time.

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