The Top 10 Upcoming Fighting Games in 2023

The world of fighting games is getting a lot bigger in 2023. We’ve already had huge releases this year like Street Fighter 6, in which player count set new records. It isn’t just SF 6 in 2023 though, the upcoming fighting games this year include some of the biggest franchises, all with new instalments this year.

Between the big-known series and original titles, new fighting games look set to be some of the most impressive titles we’ve seen in the whole of gaming this year. There are new releases across loads of different areas of the top fighting games. We’ve broken down the best upcoming fighting games to keep an eye on in 2023.

Top Upcoming Fighting Games


Vavarian - Best Upcoming Fighting Games


Varvarion is an upcoming fighting game with a few unique angles. It’s an anime fighting game which already puts it amongst some of the most popular. The title is also a weapon-based fighter. It’s all built around big anime sword fights. It’s a pitch that sounds like a pretty unique take for a fighter. Varvarion is currently in development but should be coming out sooner than later, since it’s been trailed since 2021.

9. Die by the Blade

Die by the Blade - Upcoming Fighting Games

Source: Triple Hill Interactive

Die by the Blade is another upcoming fighting games based around weapons. This is a 1v-1 Fight where players use different swords to take on their opponent. It looks like they’ll be a lot to like for fans of the SoulCalibur series, but with enough new features to stand on its own.

8. God of Rock

God of Rock - Best Upcoming Fighting Games

Source: Modus Studios

God of Rock is particularly intriguing even out of the best upcoming fighting games thanks to its unique set-up. This is a cross between a rhythm game and a fighter! You align your moves with a running rhythm game at the bottom to deal damage. It’s a fun blend of two genres. Getting good at fighting games has always involved a bit of rhythm, do it’ll be fun to see what this game can do with the mixture.

7. Fraymakers

best upcoming fighting games - fraymaker

Source: Team Fray

Fraymakers is an upcoming platform fighter that’s got a few features that’ll impress players. Kind of like Smash Bros bringing in characters from across gaming, Fraymakers is featuring more than a few indie game characters. You’ll be able to pay as indie icons like Octo Dad and Among Us Crewates. in this game! As a platform fighter, it’s going to be a bit more accessible than a 2D fighter too, which is always a plus.

Fraymakers isn’t quite an upcoming fighting game, at least not in the simplest sense. The game is in early access, but its full release is definitely highly anticipated.

6. Disney Domination

Disney Smash Bros Leaks - Disney Domination

Source: Nintendo, Disney

Disney Domination is one of the upcoming fighting games that’s a bit different. This isn’t an officially announced game. However, huge Disney Domination leaks (images of which Disney has scrubbed off the internet, hence the extremely crude mockup) have shown basically what we need to know about the game. It’s a Squire Enix and Disney take on the Smash Bros platformer fighter, complete with plenty of wacky crossover characters. Unlike Smash though, this has a decent story component where we get to see Donald Duck and Darth Vader hang out with Homer Simpson, at least if the leaks of cinematics are anything to go by. It’s one of the new fighting games that has a lot of potential depending on how it’s handled.

5. Nickelodeon All Star Brawl 2

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2

Source: Ludosity and Fair Play

Nickelodeon All Star Brawl was a Smash style fighter that had some initial success, before fading quite a bit. Its sequel has some new reasons to get excited though. They’re addressing quite a few of the major problems in this game though. The new fighters shown off in the NASB 2 character trailers look interesting too. This looks like one of the more fun platformer fighters lined up for 2023 and 2024.

4. King of Fighters XIII

King of Fighters III Open Beta

Source: @SNKPoffical

King of Fighters XIII Global Match is a new take on one of the franchise’s most well-liked titles. It’s a new take on the game with a completely up-to-date rollback netcode! The whole thing looks like a huge evolution on the original game. It might just be a remake or refresh, but it’s one of the top new fighting games to keep an eye on. There’s even a KoF XIII demo coming.

3. GranBlue Fantasy Versus: Rising

GranBlue Fantasy Versus Rising - Best upcoming Fighting Games

Source: Arc System Works

If all of the mainstream fighters like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat aren’t quite doing it for you, there are plenty of new anime fighting games coming too! GranBlue Fantasy Versus Rising is another take from Arc System Works’ spin-off franchise. The new game will bring back characters from the original game, alongside a few new inclusions picked directly from polls from fans of the game! If recent Arc games are anything to go by, GranBlue Fantasy Versus Rising looks like to be one of the top upcoming fighting games.

2. Project L

Image Credits | Riot Games

Project L might be the most anticipated fighting game for quite a lot of esports fans. It’s a new fighter coming from LoL developer Riot. It’s taking that developers approach to building a balanced game that supports a hardcore player base and applying it to a fighter. We’ve seen quite a bit of the game so far, with a demo for Project L at EVO 2023. The game looks to be doing a lot of similar things to other major franchises in fighting games, but coming from Riot it’s still enough to warrant high anticipation from players.

1. Tekken 8

Best upcoming fighting games

Source: Bandai Namco

Along with MK and SF, Tekken is the third of the big fighting game franchises. Not to be outdone, we’re also getting a new release from the Bandai Namco series in 2023.

We don’t know very much at all about this one! A lot of content is still basically unknown outside of Tekken 8 rough leaks, small announcements, and a lot of guesswork! This is an exciting stage. We’re getting much closer to release though with the game coming in early 2024.

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