First official Pokémon Unite tournament launches September 19

Pokémon Unite is a fairly recent release from TiMi and Niantic. The game takes the classic MOBA gameplay but combines it with the Pokémon franchise. Since its release, the game has gradually grown in popularity. It has already hit a decent player count. That’s before it even launches on mobile.

We talked about the Pokemon Unite esports potential only a month ago. Our answer came quikcly as the game is just about to follow up on that. The first Pokémon Unite esports tournament in Japan has just been announced with a decent-sized prize pool to go along with it. While things are still early for Pokémon Unite, its esports scene seems to be flourishing already. Pokémon Unite’s first official tournament is going to launch on September 19th, this is what you need to know about it and how the game’s competitive ecosystem is shaping up.

Pokemon Unite Esports

First Official Pokémon Unite Esports Tournament

While the game is clearly designed for competitive play, this is the first official Pokémon Unite esports tournament seemingly kicking off a massive ecosystem. The event is only going to be running for Japanese players for the opening round. While unofficial events are going down elsewhere, this is the only region for the first sanctioned Pokémon Unite tournament.

This Pokémon Unite esports tournament is the first official event by the Pokémon company. So, it is going to be played a little differently to others. The roster for competitors is really wide, which allows as many people as possible a shot at early Pokémon Unite esports. For a brand new game, this is a good move that encourages competition. Since the game is so young, esports betting and predictions are tricky until some clear players start to stand out.

Up to 256 teams are going to be able to compete. Players will need to be over 16, and official communication for the event is taking place on Discord. The tournament is going to be single elimination, since the competitors are quite a big roster of players this should keep it under control.  The final four matches will switch over to the best of two. The first Pokémon Unite esports tournament is also going to be played on Remoat Stadium with standard rules. Since only the Switch version is out at the moment, this is what the tournament will be played on.

Pokémon Esports 

Prior to this first official Pokémon Unite esports tournament, there were some events already. A UK-based league has already launched, and some other tournaments have been held in an unofficial capacity. The latest Pokémon Unite tournament though is the first official step towards the game forming an official league.

The first tournament is a clear sign that things are underway to move into a more open and global series of events for the game. The Pokémon Company isn’t exactly known for its wide and full support of esports. However, their partners in this game have a lot more experience in those things. This first tournament is a good start. Its format is relatively open, which suits a brand-new game. After a few move introductory events worldwide, we can expect to see things really start to grow for competitive Pokémon Unite.