Fnatic CSGO Team Victorious & Event Problems – DH Masters Malmö

After a long wait, fnatic CSGO team was finally able to lift a trophy. To make things even better, fnatic did it in front of their home crowd in Sweden. Below, you can find fnatic’s path to victory and other important things that occurred during the tournament.


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Fnatic CSGO Team – Path to Victory

Fnatic played a total of 7 matches here in Sweden. Despite losing their opener to ENCE, fnatic CSGO roster bounced back with 6 wins in a row.

TYLOO, G2, and FURIA are teams that fell short against fnatic in the group stage. Even though their match against TYLOO was not that easy, fnatic proved that they are here to play against FURIA and G2.

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Now that fnatic sealed their spot in the quarterfinals, they were matched against their biggest rivals, NiP. Despite being humiliated on Nuke, fnatic bounced right back on Dust 2 and Overpass.

Furthermore, Astralis had nothing to offer against fnatic. Despite a close match on Nuke, it was clear from the get-go that fnatic CSGO team wanted it more. They were able to defeat Astralis on both Overpass and Nuke.

To be honest, the grand final match against Vitality was very tense. It could have easily gone the other way around. Despite losing the first map, fnatic got the better off Vitality on Inferno and Mirage.

Rivalry Renews Partnership with Fnatic CSGO Team

A couple of days after winning DreamHack Master Malmö 2019, fnatic announced that they have signed a new long-term deal with one of the best esports betting sites, Rivalry.

This deal will support fnatic CSGO team throughout the entire 2021. Furthermore, with this new deal, Rivalry esports got exclusive access to the global image rights of fnatic players. On top of that, these two brands will also work together to produce content for Rivalry’s YouTube channel.

What is fnatic getting with this deal? Obviously, money. However, Glen Calvert (COO at fnatic) also stated that they want to provide the best service when it comes to value and experience and that they found that with Rivalry as their betting partner in the CSGO community.

DreamHack Master Malmö 2019 Problems

In the recent interview with a danish Broadcasting network, TV2, Astralis in-game leader gla1ve complained about the conditions his team competed in.

Keep in mind that this problem was happening to every team competing on the big stage. Basically, while playing the match, players could hear commentators through their headphones. There is no denying that this is a huge problem since a lot of plays made in CSGO revolve around sound.

On top of that, we all know that Astralis like to play a very structured game based on a lot of information being processed. Try playing this style of a game while being constantly distracted. It is not going to work and this is why I believe Astralis got demolished by fnatic.

If we had this information before the match started or during the match, we would definitely profit from CSGO betting on this match or event overall.

All in all, this problem definitely affected the other teams as well, but it seems like there is not much that can sway W from hitting insane shots in every single match they played here on DreamHack Master Malmö 2019. It will be interesting to see if JW can maintain this form. Who knows, maybe we will see fnatic add a new trophy to their cabinet soon.