Fnatic vs Nigma Galaxy SEA: DPC SEA Tour 2 Analysis and Predictions

We dive deep into the eastern side of DPC (2021-22), where the Southeast Asian teams brawl it out for their Stockholm Major tickets. DPC SEA Tour 2 is among the select regions to have three major slots, alongside China and Western Europe.

While it’s true that the additional slot is allocated for SEA’s larger player base, we like to believe that SEA teams are worthy candidates for this privilege.

Laughably easy

Fnatic still among powerhouses

You would be surprised how Fnatic, a prominent SEA powerhouse isn’t close to what peak performance is among other SEA candidates. That’s an understatement for a team that spots seasoned players, most notably, Djardel Jicko B. “DJ” Mampusti, the captain.

Sure, Fnatic barely made it into DPC SEA Regional Finals last Tour, and they finished fourth. Fast forward to their most recent LAN event with other regional favorites at GAMERS GALAXY, Fnatic also flopped their performance in Dubai.

Hence, Fnatic is certainly not your best option if BOOM Esports, T1, or even Team SMG is in the same DPC SEA Tour 2 Division 1. Nevertheless, we were somewhat impressed by how Fnatic found a way against Io picks when they fought Execration. The latter picked Io in two consecutive rounds, betting it all on the global presence this particular hero provides, and still lost.

Fnatic seems to know the counter against such a notorious pick, as Io is a frequent ban or pick since Dota 2 Patch 7.31. Well, considering DJ was once known for his Io plays, it wasn’t too surprising that Fnatic’s tactics prevailed.

Nigma Galaxy SEA’s uprising

For a former Division 2 team, Nigma Galaxy SEA performed as well as we anticipated, mediocre. They lost to Polaris Esports, which is the other Division 2 team that made their entry into this bracket and T1.

That said, fans do have their eyes set on Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen, who’s a seasoned veteran. Nigma SEA’s tactics are relatively straightforward, where they opt for tower-pushing drafts. Indirectly, they are planning to take objectives at a surreal speed before the opponent has time to become online. The early takedowns on buildings meant that opponent carries have less space to farm, and are prone to smoke-ganks.

Unfortunately, the tactic felt too old-school to be relevant in today’s meta. When teams are opting for strong teamfight combo, a push-oriented draft only brings the teamfights to the enemy. If the fight goes well, of course, Nigma SEA could potentially close out the series.

Otherwise, it will be unsuccessful high-ground pushes that eventually let their opponent fight back.

Fnatic vs Nigma Galaxy SEA Match Predictions

Although Fnatic is by no means a fancy team, they are still a competent opponent against Nigma Galaxy SEA. The Dota 2 odds are in favor of Fnatic at x1.33 versus Nigma SEA at x3.19 odds. If those odds aren’t good enough to bet on Fnatic, consider betting on correct scores, 2:0 in favor of Fnatic returns x2.12 profit. Frankly, Fnatic isn’t at its prime form that has overwhelming strength. Hence, a 2:1 score can occur if Nigma SEA has some tricks up their sleeves at x3.15 odds.

Alternatively, betting on Nigma SEA to give the former a run for their money, might be a more thrilling gamble for once. We mentioned how Nigma SEA has a tendency of rushing objectives, especially in taking down towers. This puts Nigma SEA as a great option to destroy the first tower at x2.14 returns.

We could see Nigma SEA taking the first Roshan, but Fnatic will likely contest it at all costs. Aside from the conflict at Roshan’s pit, we would side with Fnatic at x1.55 odds to take the first Roshan as they have midgame scaling heroes, such as Templar Assassin.

Total Kills in a map will be under 55.5 kills at x2.43 odds because Nigma SEA’s drafting type isn’t viable at securing kills. On the same topic, expect Fnatic to come out on top as the aggressive party to gank enemy heroes early. Hence, betting on Fnatic to secure the first 5 kills at x1.67 odds is reasonable.

Anyways, all these gambles on a team’s first time in Division 1 are preposterous for any seasoned Dota 2 betting enthusiast. Hence, you might just be better off putting your betting slip on Fnatic instead. The DPC SEA Tour 2 also features other interesting matches of high-profile teams. If you’re looking for a niche market in exclusive odds, consider checking out GG.BET

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