FNC Valorant roster announcement next Monday, no CIS players

Dust settles down after Valorant Masters Reykjavik, and one team didn’t exactly get the results they wanted. Fnatic was one of a few teams that had a particularly bad run at the event. They came in bottom of their group, and lost both games they played, going through what was pretty much a wipeout. This is clearly pretty disappointing to Fnatic.

After such a bad showcase, it’s confirmed Valorant roster changes are on the way. While not all motivated by performances at the event, these changes might turn things around for the team. A new roster changes might go some way to fixing their current problems.

FNC Valorant Boaster

FNC Valorant Roster Changes

Fnatic are making some major changes to their roster, moving around quite a few players and removing others. It kicked off with benching Magnum earlier in the week. BraveAF is also not getting his contract extended.

There are some slightly more complicated reasons behind the moves rather than just performance. A few weeks ago BraveAF was benched for some comments about the war in Ukraine. It was made clear that the FNC Valorant roster changes weren’t specifically over the comments directly, but it was one of a few factors. Ongoing political restrictions have made it difficult to even judge if the player can continue to train with the team. Travel restrictions, visa issues and the potential for long-term roster sustainability are the main factor behind this move.

Apart from the benching and removal, Boaster is going to be moving into a smoker/support role along with Mistic moving to flex. This is where we really see Fnatic making a big overhaul to their playstyle and team. Boaster is a major part of the team, and this new role means Fnatic is moving in a completely new direction with how they play the game and who takes the reigns moving forward.

Fnatic’s open spots already filled

There are still plenty of unknowns before we see Fnatic in future events. The team still officially has two open roster slots. However, they have confirmed that trials for these two slots are already taking place.  We don’t know who the players are, but it seems neither will be from the CIS region.

Colin “CoJo” Johnson, Fnatic’s Senior Director already stated that both positions are largely confirmed and the team is practicing together. The announcement of the complete roster should arrive next week (Monday). During the latest Twitter Space he mentioned that both signings are transfers, but also that both players have less then 10k followers. The main hold-up in announcing the talent is finalizing the contracts and giving the social team enough time to prepare the hype content.

Meta wise, we can still expect Fnatic to stick with playing a support heavy composition, and all players will be required to play their dose of sentinels and controllers. One key stress point for coach Jacob “mini” Harris is the ability to hard-flex agents across the entire roster. Moving towards flexibility in how the roster play out strats and agent comps points toward Fnatic trying to build a roster that will remain relevant regardless of new Agent releases and meta shifts.

We are hoping these new changes can turn around their fortunes in Valorant. It’s hard to say right now, but the roster overhaul at this stage might be a positive for the team for the remainder of 2022.