How To Complete Foal of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy

In 2023, healthy gaming RPGs are judged on the strength of their side quests. Hogwarts Legacy has many fantastic side quests, but only a few can be considered as challenging as the ‘Foal of the Dead’ side quest. Many side quests in other games can feel a bit laborious, but that doesn’t apply to ‘Foal of the Dead’. 

This side quest requires you to catch a Thestral, a magical creature with a skeletal body, reptilian features, and leathery wings. To attempt this quest, you must finish Charles Rookwood’s Trial and speak with Deek in the Room of Requirement, who will advise you on completing this side quest. You’ll also have to pass level 20 before attempting this side quest. 


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Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to complete ‘Foal of the Dead’:

Speak to Deek in the Room of Requirement

As stated earlier, you’ll have to meet Deek in the Room of Requirement. Here, Deek will ask you to tame a male and female Thestral and purchase a breeding pen. 

Tame the Thestral

This is the part where you can flex your magical muscles, but before doing that, you’ll have to locate the Thestrals. Visit the world map and focus on the northeastern region. You’ll notice a ‘Thestral ♂’ or a ‘Thestral ♀’ sign. 

Once you’ve located the Thestrals, edit the spellset by adding the Disillusionment Charm, Levioso, Arresto Momentum, and the Nab Sack. You’ll have to be elusive, and the Disillusionment Charm will help in this regard. Thestrals are easily frightened, so you must not alarm them. 

Once you are close to the Thestral, cast Levioso and Arresto Momentum before pulling the magical creature into the Nab Sack. You might need a few attempts before finding success, but keep trying and go about it delicately. 

Buy the breeding pen

You can head to Tomes and Scrolls to buy the breeding pen and complete the second part of the side quest. The Breeding Pen Spellcraft should be available for 1,000 Galleons. Of course, don’t forget to have the money ready. 


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Return to the Room of Requirement

Return to the Room of Requirement with the Thestral and the Breeding Pen Spellcraft. You’ll notice a Beast vivarium waiting for you. The Breeding Pen costs 15 Moonstones. It should take a little while to farm the Moonstones if you don’t have them on you.  

Conjure the Breeding Pen in the vivarium. With the pen ready, place the Thestrals into the vivarium and kickstart the breeding process. This process will take a while, but you don’t have to attend it. You can move on to other side quests till the process is complete. 

Take care of the foal and return to deek

You can now attend to the foal. Finally, visit Deek and turn in the side quest – you will collect 180 experience points after completing ‘Foal of the Dead.’