Fortnite First-Person and Zero Build esports viable?

Fortnite has become sort of iconic in its field for being a third-person Battle Royale shooter. Those are not as common, especially when it comes to BR games. In the nearly five years that Fortnite has been active, they’ve never once introduced a new point of view. However, that seems poised to change as leaks are suggesting that Epic Games has already begun working on it.

This will be a pretty substantial change for the game, the first major change in its history. Fortnite briefly removed building at the beginning of last season and made it an alternative game mode, but even that isn’t as drastic a change as this would be. HYPEX is a pretty reliable leaker, so the likelihood that first-person view is coming is pretty high.

Is that a good thing, though? Should Epic Games be interested in making their game more like the other battle royales and shooter games on the market? How viable is first-person Fortnite, anyway?

Is First-Person Fortnite a good idea?

Well, for starters, this wouldn’t be a permanent change. Fortnite’s one defining attribute is the ability to build, and that would be nearly impossible in first-person POV. Most likely, this would either become a permanent part of the Zero Build modes or a third alternative.

HYPEX seems to believe it would work well in Zero Build. Without building, Fortnite becomes a lot more like other battle royales like PUBG, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Without building, there’s less of a reason to stay unique and the introduction of first-person POV could be attractive to a lot of players. It would provide yet another alternative to the standard battle royale modes the game currently offers.

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In a game that involves dropping into one island and fighting to the death over and over again, variety can be paramount to keeping players interested. That’s what Limited Time Modes do. It’s also what a first-person mode could do.

Zero Build was just introduced. It’s slowly becoming a mainstay and many players prefer it. When it was first introduced, though, it was relatively unpopular. First-person view would likely take the same path. In time, players might come to see it as much of a part of the game as any mode.

The new POV is still in development. It’s probably going to be a while before it’s active. That means that Fortnite players have a while to get ready for change. However, since Epic Games is only testing this feature, they may find it not viable and scrap the project altogether.

In terms of esports competition, we already have PUBG and Warzone fully engulfed in First Person competitive play, but a singles or duos competition in FPP would be a great addition to the BR pool of esports games.