Fortnite Ice Cream Cones, No Sweat Challenges & Rewards

Fortnite started the No Sweat Summer Event last week before they left for their own vacation. With it came many things to keep us busy throughout the duration of their vacation. Have a good one guys you earned it.

No Sweat Insurance is back, and we are working for them this summer. It’s all basic and relatively easy work, but still. I don’t trust them. They show up before or after some major disaster happens. Maybe we’ll get free V-Bucks?

Probably not, one can wish tho.

No Sweat Summer Ice Cream Cones

There are five different types of Ice Cream Cones for this event. Each one has their own specialty, all are consumables that can restore your health and or shield. As they are Ice Cream Cones they will be in Coolers and Freezers through the map so they don’t melt.

  • Ice Cream Cone restores health like the 3 basic food groups in Fortnite. Meat, veggies, and fruit.
  • Spicy Ice Cream Cone will restore health and increase speed like the Chug Splashes and the Peppers.
  • Frozen Ice Cone restores health and like the Snowmen and SnowBall Launcher, will make everything slippery.
  • Guzzling Ice Cream Cone will restore your health over time like the Guzzle Juice.
  • Lil-Whip’s Special Serve will restore both your health and shield. (Can only be found from Lil-Whip)

No Sweat Sponsorship Challenges

Drop July 21- July 23

  • Land after jumping from the Battle Bus during the No Sweat Summer event
  • Pick up a No Sweat Sign and place it at a sponsorship location
  • Complete a lap around the boat race circuit after the starting countdown
  • Make a Character dance to a Boogie Bomb

No Sweat Marketing Challenges

Drop between July 24-27

  • Emote at two different promotional dance floor locations
  • Ring two doorbells until they break
  • Catch 3 seconds of air while driving a motorboat one time.

Throw an ice cream cone at three different named locations.

Product Recall Challenges

Drop July 28- August 3rd

  • Remove No Sweat Signs from recalled products


  • XP
  • Crunchem Back Blings
  • Ice-Blasted Snow
    • Meowscles Tail Style
    • Fishy Flurry Style
    • Goopy Guff Style
    • Nana Frost Style
  • No Sweatin Lobby Track- Complete 3 Challenges
  • Sweaty Sailer Glider – Complete 7 Challenges
  • Sweaty Rotation Emote- Complete 14 Challenges

*Active Fortnite Crew subscribers will automatically receive the Cuddle Cerise Style of the Back Bling upon logging in during No Sweat Summer*

The Block

They are also in the process of rebuilding Tilted Towers. So maybe that’s the only reason they are here but, why the signs? And why are we now collecting them back? While we wait and see what’s going on maybe some of our favorite Twitch streamers will have some insight to the matter.

Rebuild the Block Challenges

From July 21st to August 9th

Each challenge has 3 stages staying the same, just increasing with every stage completed.

  • Donate Bars to your choice
  • Surviving storm phases
  • Eliminate Opponents


The Restaurant (July 21 at 9 AM ET- July 27 at 3 PM ET)

  • Ninja_dj – 1932-4990-0032
  • Xdark – 3538-4323-0965
  • Be mac – 5043-6143-9582

The Apartments (July 27 at 3pm ET to August 3rd 1 AM ET)

  • Charlee-brown – 1434-9352-9582
  • Destructo – 2865-2667-0486
  • Ashurrii – 6081-7966-2506

The Shops (August 3 at 1 AM ET to August 9 at 9 AM ET)

  • Mrstruelegen – 0740-3787-784
  • Justafrog – 1997-0531-3795
  • 0ricent – 6614-7150-2309

“For more details on The Block 2.0 voting, including pictures of all the projects, check out our recent The Block 2.0 voting blog post. Note: Winners of the Bar voting will appear at Tilted starting with the V21.40 patch.” -Epic Games-

With all of that there is also a Beach Party going on in The Sanctuary with a Skate park, a Concert Stage with a dance floor, and FireWorks. The Summer Skins are back in the shop, with a few new ones to add to the collection. Until next time guys, we’re on Week 8 of challenges. There’s a lot of things to do in a limited amount of time. Make sure you start stocking up on  and caffeine.

Gather your squad, harvest your resources, fill that shield, pick your load out, and get that victory crown. Over and out!