Fortnite No Build Tournament – First Build Free Tournament In-Game

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has launched in the game recently, bringing the usual wave of new additions to the game. However, one big change came with the new season, Epic vaulted building. Building has been removed from the game, at least temporarily. Building is definitely going to make a return to the game, but for now, Fortnite is playing like any other shooter.

While the builds are still active in the competitive mode of the game, we’ve gotten our first Fortnite no build tournament.

Fortnite No Build Tournament

Fortnite No Build Tournament – Chloe Kim Tournament

This Fortnite tournament is going to be the first without builds. The event is one of some regular tournaments that Epic holds to celebrate the release of Icon skins. These are skins modeled after real-life people, including some of the best Fortnite players and best Fortnite streamers. This one is for Chloe Kim, players can compete in the in-game tournament to get a chance to win the skin for free along with other cosmetics. Players had a three-hour session to try and get as many points between eliminations and placement.

As the first Fortnite no builds tournaments, games looked a lot different. Most pros have high-level skills with aiming in the game, but it’s cranking builds that usually sets players apart. This tournament went down pretty differently, with players relying on natural cover and hiding to get away from firefights.

It doesn’t currently look like no building is here to stay. Builds are even still active in Arena mode. However, this first Fortnite no build tournament was a different kind of thing. Some players are even calling for a permanent mode with no builds.

Market for No Builds in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s current update has building completely disabled and we’ve now seen how that plays on a pro level. The tournament was a fun side event, but could we see no builds becoming a bigger part of Fortnite in the future? Some players have enjoyed the change. The focus is on gunplay and the new movement mechanics make it easier to get around even without builds to rely on. The change has been praised for being fresh by some players and it seems casual players are having fun with this new form of Fortnite.

While the no build Fortnite tournament was fun, it’s unlikely to make the jump to the game full time. Building is a key mechanic in Fortnite, it’s basically what makes the game unique. The gunplay isn’t the most polished and doesn’t really compare to that found in other Battle Royales without building. The change is a nice novelty, but it wouldn’t really work full-time. The large esports scene for Fortnite is also reliant on the building mechanics.

The first Fortnite no build tournament was a success. Once big cash prizes return to tournaments though, building will likely be back too. As a side game though, it was a lot of fun.