Fortnite Top 5 Landing Locations in Chapter 3, Season 3

With the island changing once again, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 brings us new locations to explore. With those new locations, come new NPCs and loot. We also got a roller-coaster this time. The first few weeks of every season are always the same. Spend every chance you get investigating and memorizing every location to find your favorite. 

On that note, we also always watch out for the Hotspots or Hot drops, depending on what you call them. It’s always the place with the most loot, where players can get the most kills at the beginning of the game. Depending on your style of playing, depends on which spots will be your favorite. 

Fortnite Seasoin 3 Chapter 3

Most of the best landing spots are named locations, unfortunately, those are also considered Hot Drops. We have 5 of the best-name locations listed, we also have a bonus of an unnamed location as well.

These are the landing locations on Artemis, in Chapter 3, Season 3. They are based on the amount of loot, size of the location, and popularity. 

1. Rave Cave

Rave Cave Fortnite season 3

Located southwest of Logjam Lotus and north of Reality Falls. Remember that roller-coaster? It’s easy to spot by just looking for Cuddle Team Leaders‘ giant head in the center of the roller-coaster that is weaving around and through the mountain. Positioned on the old Comand Cavern base, you have many high advantages, as well as smaller hiding spaces under the mountain with detailed tunnels. The vault remains open, there are 65 chests, 63 ammo boxes, and around 200-floor loot that spawn through this location. Two NPCs are located here, Cuddle Team Leader spawns on the upper roller-coaster platform. Cryptic on the dance floor inside the mountain. Making it a perfect drop for your squad or solo. Multiple points of entry/exit with the baller roller coaster, jump pads, and vents for easy retreats.

2. Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers comes in at number 2. This named location has been in and out of the Fortnite world since Chapter 1. The target of the map for any destruction, then being rebuilt. Always a Hot Drop on any map, with a total of 52 chests, 56 ammo boxes, and almost 200-floor loot scattered around this location. It’s understood why this location is favorable. There are no NPCs that currently spawn here as of now, but that doesn’t mean that won’t change considering it’s currently under construction….. Again. In the past, normally 1-2 NPCs have been known to spawn in. The skyscrapers make it easy to have high advantages, just easy to lose your opponent as well. Be careful it’s just as easy to get turned around inside the buildings as it is to lose whoever is following you. Vehicles being around made it easier for a faster getaway.

3. The Daily Bugle

The daily bugle season 3 fortinte

Another new location emerged at the beginning of the Chapter3. The Daily Bugle is the home of Spider-Man, and honestly just another Tilted Towers on the other side of the map to keep it balanced. Webs still line the walls of the volcano, unfortunately, the web-shooters are no longer in-game. A total of 46 chests, 34 ammo boxes, and over 140-floor loot, with 2 vending machines spawn here.  There’s no reason to be a Loot Goblin. Barrels of slurp are spread out through this location, along with multiple fishing spots. Zip lines and jump pads make for easy rotation in and out of this location. Just don’t mistake one Seven Sentries for another player, you’ll have everyone around you shooting.

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4. Reality falls

reality falls, fortnite season 3 chapter 3

Home of the Tree Of Life, this bioluminescent location seems to be an extremely popular area right now. It’s one of the only places you can find saplings. Located north of Greasy Grove, west of Tilted Towers, and south of Rave Cave, its position seems to be taking up quite a bit of the map, taking over the location of  Camp Cuddle. This magical place contains giant mushrooms, slurp mushrooms, and colorful trees.  Surrounding the Tree Of Life is a two-tier lagoon, complete with waterfalls and geysers. With 37 chests, near the tree and countless others spread throughout the forest behind it. In the forest behind Reality Falls, you can find Quackling in a cabin to the northwest near the coast. Meowscles is back on the map in a smaller cabin to the west of reality falls. Also hidden gems like The Chair and The Sharks head. 

5. Synapse Station

Synapse Station

Emerging in Chapter 3 Season 2 this workshop owned by The Seven can be located on the desert oasis, west of Chokers Speedway and southeast of the Greasy Grove. Contains 4 buildings, the main station, and there is a dock with a few other interconnected buildings containing 32 chests, 45, ammo boxes, and over 130-floor loot. The Scientist is the only NPC here. 

There are also fishing spots, and slurp barrels. Next to the oasis is a mine with more chests. Vehicles, including the Battle Bus, have been found here along with upgrade parts. Boats near the docks, along with Rifts, there is an easy rotation in and out.


Shell of High Water Fortnite

Shell Or High Water is a landmark that came with the new map at the beginning of Chapter 3. A large white mansion, decorated on the inside like a country club. A hedge maze with statues from the Greek era. Including Peely.  With a fountain by the front, and a garage to the side. With 3-4 chests in the maze, one in front of the fountain, and 6-8 in the house. Multiple ammo boxes are scattered throughout the property.  It’s a great little spot to land if you’re trying to avoid name locations at the beginning of the game. Easily can rotate out into Sleepy Sound to the east or Logjam Lotus to the west. Just watch out for Vader on the hill above. Oh and that rock… 

Gather your squad, harvest your resources, fill that shield, pick your load out, and get that victory crown. 

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