An Actual Guide to the Challenger Cups in Fortnite Chapter 4

There’s a new chapter and a new set of pro matches starting in 2023. It’s all coming up Fortnite as of late! Surprisingly, pro Fortnite has not yet ascended to the heights of other shooting games. But that doesn’t mean fans can’t keep up with all of the action, as long as they can figure out where to start looking. Starting early in 2023, it’s almost time for the Challenger Cups in Fortnite chapter 4!

Fortnite solos standings

FCS Challenger Cups in Fortnite chapter 4 – How do they actually work??

The world of competitive Fortnite is vast and pretty poorly documented online. There’s a wild range and volume of tournaments that can be confusing to newcomers to the competitive scene.

The Challenger Cups in Fortnite chapter 4 will be a good place to start because teams can work their way up to A-tier and perhaps even S-tier tournaments.

From Challengers, teams will need to compete in regular tournaments to grind their power ranking and earn their places in Elite Cups, Invitationals and more. There’s a really long road ahead before making any of the World tournaments, especially with a higher entry barrier for duos, but that’s all part of the excitement!

With all the recent gameplay changes, it goes without saying that there will be some significant changes to the meta. New weapons and augments mean new strategies and teams will need to evolve to keep things fresh.

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Challenger Cups in Fortnite chapter 4 – get in on the ground floor

The Challenger Cup in Fortnite chapter 4 is going to be the start of another great run of pro tournaments. However, this is going to change a little in the meta leaving fans wondering if the game is ready for the competitive leagues.

The first tournament itself is due to begin on January 4th. From there, the best teams are able to qualify by taking part in a Placement Cup or a Contender Cup.

This weekly level of tournament allows teams to try their luck and skill against other similarly matched teams to see who comes out on top and will go on for 9 long weeks of competition, which is expected to end in March.

Top teams in Fortnite – who you’ll see next season

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the best teams in Fortnite. They extend well beyond the Challenger Cups in Fortnite chapter 4. It’s not a case of a team rising above all others as in a lot of other esports. However, the power rankings have Become Legends in the top spot currently.

Each year, the Fortnite World Cup Finals take place with solos and duos. This year, the solos prize pool just edged out the duos as one of the biggest in Fortnite’s history.

Duos Finals

This year, nyhrox and aqua came out on top of the duos finals and took home $3 million of the prize pool. Both players come from UK org Cooler Esport. Although they haven’t replicated their success as part of the official team, perhaps they’ll be looking to come back and dominate again in 2023.

Solo Finals

Sentinels veteran Bugha took home the Solos title this year. He’s certainly proved himself to be the best solo player in the world. Since then, he’s moved back into duos and competed regularly. Despite a disappointing track record these last few months, all eyes will be on Bugha come finals time again!

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