Fortnite Esports stick with Duos in Chapter 4 but higher FNCS entry barrier

Fortnite Chapter 4’s launched after the Fracture event with a whole new map and one of the most impressive Battle Passes, filled with gaming’s biggest icons. The esports side of the game isn’t going anywhere though.

Big Chapter changes typically mean that the esports get a bit of a refresh. Fortnite Chapter 4 esports hasn’t changed massively in format, but Epic is introducing a different qualification system for FNCS that adds an extra barrier to entry.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Esports

Fortnite Esports in Chapter 4

Fortnite competitive is returning after the FNCS 2022 Invitational. They’ll be some things staying the same, but also some big changes in how things run. In the new season we’re getting loads of cups, a familiar format for FNCS but with more offline components, and Fortnite Divisional Cups.

Now the season has started, players have had their Arena points reset. To compete in Fortnite esports, you’ll need to rise up the arena mode and earn Fortnite arena points to get to the higher tiers where you’re eligible. Epic have also clarified that they won’t be requiring an Arena rank for Zero Build competitions, so all Zero Build players can compete and we probably won’t expect a Zero Build Arena mode this season.

Arena mode is going to be running for Duos, Solos, and Trios this season. Although, the biggest events are sticking with Duos. This is how the competitive events break down:

Divisional Cups

The Fortnite Divisional Cups are going to be a feature of Fortnite Chapter 4 epsorts. These are competitions that players can take part in from across the different ranks in Fortnite. There are going to be a few days of Divisional Cups running each week, on both Wednesdays and Fridays, outside of FNCS weeks. Players are scored for both days, with the scores being combined. If they finish well, they can compete in the Elite Cup Weekly Final. There’s quite a journey to reach that top level though, as Epic has laid out.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Esports - Divisional Cups

These cups aren’t just minor events for Fortnite Chapter 4 esports. They’re part of the FNCS now. The FNCS qualification is going to go through the Elite Divisional Cups this season. Even the best Fortnite players are going through these events.

To get into the FNCS, players need to rise up to the Elite level of these cups. Then, during the five weeks of FNCS, compete to try and qualify for the Finals. This is adding a bit of an extra barrier to entry for players. Rather than just entering the open qualifiers, players have to fight through these divisional cups first.


The FNCS is making a return for this season! This is going to be returning to the Duos format from the last Chapter. Usually, Epic mixes things up with a new chapter but this time they’re keeping things the same. There is a bit of a change coming though, offline events are returning.

Epic hasn’t made the full details clear yet. However, it does seem like Fortnite Chapter 4 epsorts are heading for more in-person events which should help to up the stakes on even the seasonal tournaments.

Other Tournaments in Fortnite Chapter 4 Esports

Those are the biggest esports events for the coming season. There are loads more tournaments being held regularly though. These are other events that are on the calendar from Epic:

  • Duos Fill Cup – This is a tournament where you play with randomly filled players
  • Zero Build Cups – Competitive tournaments for those who prefer Fortnite without forts.
  • Cash Cups
  • Collegiate Cups – College-level tournaments in the United States and Canada
  • Console Cups – Console-exclusive tournaments will be held over Season 1.
  • Placement Cups – These are an early tournament to place you in the right division.

With the return to in-person events and a more full-on structure for Divisional Cups, Fortnite Chapter 4 esports are looking a bit different. We can expect the same tense action though.

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