Fortnite removes bouncers, adds new trap in latest patch

Epic Games’ Fortnite is the most popular game in the world and has been for some time now without showing any sign of slowing down any time soon. The game is well-known for receiving frequent updates that bring new content to the game – be it weapons, items, new game modes or even just new skins.

It’s much rarer that items are removed – in fact, that usually only happens when an item is broken, and usually the item comes back later. This is not the case this time – the Bouncer, a trap-like placeable that would bounce players that hit it in different directions – was removed, and it probably isn’t coming back, at least not any time soon.

Fans were mourning its loss when Community Coordinator at Epic Games, Sean Hamilton explained in a Tweet: “I appreciate the thought out feedback as to why you’d like them back. 1st, understand that anything that is Vaulted always has the potential to come back. 2nd, we removed Bouncers due to the influx of recent mobility items as well as more that we have planned for the future. :)”


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At the same time, the latest patch – v6.01 brings fans a new trap – the Chiller. It’s the first trap to be added to the gave in a long time. It’s a Common Trap, can be placed on walls, floors or ceilings and drops in stacks of 3. It applies ‘icy feet’ to whoever steps on it, causing them to slide around with low friction for a while.

This makes it ideal for speedy and well-timed escapes as well as plenty other new plays – it won’t be long before players go into the Playground mode and come up with exiting new ways of using the most recent addition – in fact, odds are it’ll find a use even in the most recent new Limited Time Play Mode, the Disco Domination mode.

This is a completely unique mode that has teams trying to dominate areas of the map by dancing on dance floors and thus capturing them. For once, the focus isn’t the usual mix of survival and getting kills, but instead it’s all about busting a move – we approve. It’s the kind of wacky nonsense that could only work in Fortnite, and fans have been looking forward to it since it was first announced in the in-game news. With several disco-themed events being part of this season’s Battlepass, it’s really no surprise that Epic chose now to create the new mode – we will certainly be dancing our way to victory in the new mode!

Of course, the patch also included several bug fixes and the like – especially display issues regarding the newly added pets have been resolved, as well as an issue that caused vehicles to become uncontrollable. Perhaps most importantly, new options were added to the Playground mode – things like starting health, time of day and gravity can now be adjusted easily.

For the full set of patch notes, check HERE.