Fortnite Big Bang Event Set to Close OG

Fortnite OG has been a huge hit, but it’ll be passing into the long list of past Fortnite seasons pretty soon. We’re days away from the end of the season, and this time we’re getting something special to round everything off. The Fortnite Big Bang event will close it up and bring in a new Chapter for the game.

In some recent updates, Epic has begun building the assets in the files for the upcoming event. Now that dataminers have started leaking what the event is going to be about, Epic’s chosen to announce the Big Bang event and added an in-game countdown. We’re getting very close to the Fortnite Big Bang.

Fortnite Big Bang

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Big Bang – What to Expect?

The Fortnite Big Bang event has just been announced by Epic, a new live event. This is going to be the conclusion of Fortnite OG or Chapter 4 in some ways. We’re currently in our largest gap without a live event we’ve seen in Fortnite. Our last one was at the very end of Chapter 3, and the game has proceeded without these parties ever since. We’re finally getting a new one. While details are thin on the ground, we have a few clues.

The biggest part we know about is the Fortnite Eminem crossover. The rapper skin is in the files and players can expect an in-game concert from the rapper. This will form one portion of the Fortnite Big Bang event. Following this, we’ll see more Fortnite-orientated action. The rocket has been rebuilt on the OG map and we can expect to see this play into developments across the event.

At the end of the Big Bang, we’ll move into Chapter 5. We might get a black hole for the down time, or as the name implies the event could end with a literal big bang. An explosion that gives birth to a brand new Fortnite universe.

When is the Event?

The next Fortnite live event is going to come in a few weeks. In-game, you can spot a countdown already. On your lobby screen, it’s located by your character. This will give you an exact countdown in your own time zone. This is when we can expect the Big Bang to happen.

  • GMT – 7 PM
  • CET – 8 PM
  • ET – 2 PM
  • PT – 11 AM

Each of these times are on December 2nd, the end date for the current Fortnite season. That’s when we’ll find out what exactly is happening for the Fortnite Big Bang.

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