Fortnite Epic Games Accounts – Can You Play Without One?

Epic Games has become much more than just the maker of Unreal Engine. With Fortnite, Epic Games have become one of the largest game developers and a leading company in organizing esports. What you’ll need to remember though is that any Fortnite account is now a wider Epic Games account basically by default.

Epic Games has used the success of Fortnite to put them in a better position in gaming. They now have the Epic Games Launcher, a direct competitor to Steam. To help leverage their huge Fortnite player base to those wider aspirations though, an Epic Games account has become increasingly important for Fortnite. This is how the Epic Games Account works when playing.

Epic games account

Do You Need a Fortnite Epic Games Account to Play?

A lot of different publishers like to link customers into an internal account system. Epic is no different. By playing Fortnite, you have to engage with the Epic Games account system. Everyone in the Fortnite player count has one of these accounts, which has definitely helped Epic report results on more than 500 million accounts.

You do need an Epic account to play Fortnite. Chances are you might already have one, even if you’ve not noticed. Every Fortnite player has an Epic account, even if it’s not linked. If you’ve stuck to using the account on one platform without worrying too much about playing with friends then you might not have noticed. But Epic has created an account to store your Fortnite data, you just need to claim it on the site itself.

Linking your Fortnite Epic Games account is really simple. It lets you direct your Fortnite account to your own email address where you can easily handle things like 2-Factor-Authentication and security. This is how you connect it:

  • Visit the Fortnite website
  • Click Fortnite Login
  • Go through the section for “Do you already play Fortnite?”
  • Choose your platform
  • Login to your platform account
  • Fill in the details for your new Epic account.

Once this is all done, you’ll have your console account connected to Fortnite Epic Games. You can now use the account in loads of different places, and this is a necessary step to get access to Fortnite competitive games. Without one, you can’t compete for real money.

What Else Can You Use an Epic Account for?

If anyone asks is Fortnite dying, the number of player accounts that still get added to Epic’s overall count is a pretty good case against it. There’s more than just Fortnite here though. Players can use the same account for Fall Guys or anything else that Epic publishes. It works across the launcher. Your friends list carries over too. In the past, crossovers between Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys have all had rewards tracked across games.