Fortnite Exotic and Mythic Weapons: Chapter 4, Season 1

The Fortnite Exotic weapons for Chapter 4 are some of the most diverse guns in the game. In the exotic weapons, Fortnite has options for mobility, a grappler, special bows, and more. The Exotic and Fortnite Mythic weapons can seriously open things up for you.

These are special one-of-a-kind items in most cases. Weapons you can pick from talking to NPCs at the Fortnite character locations, and then get a one-of-a-kind gun in your loadout.

As unique items though, they don’t just hand them out from normal loot. The Fortnite Exotic weapons and Mythics are all in specific places, and you’ll have to hunt them down if you want them. You can make that a bit easier if you know all of the locations of the exotic weapons Fortnite has to offer.

Fortnite Exotic Weapons – Chapter 4 Exotic Locations Guide

These are all of the Fortnite Exotic Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4, and where you can find them.

Unstable Bow

  • Buy from Wild Card for 500 Gold (Shattered Slabs)

This is another bow with a unique effect. It cycles between the different types of Bow with every shot, so it’s always unpredictable. This one isn’t great, but some of the best Fortnite streamers have won games with it.

FN unstable bow

Grappler bow

  • Buy from Felicity Fish for 500 Bars (Southwest of the Citadel)

This is a bow that works as a grappler too. Once you fire an arrow, you’ll grapple onto that spot. It’s the only way to get a grappler in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

FN grappler bow

Shadow Tracker Pistol

  • Buy from Evie for 400 Bars (Shattered Slabs)

This is a pistol with a tracking mechanic. Once you hit a player, they’re marked in red for a short duration. It works similarly to the Bloodhound Augment this season.

FN shadow tracker pistol

The Dub

  • By from Durr Burger for 600 Gold (Anvil Square)

The Dub is a classic weapon that’s back as one of the Fortnite Exotic weapons in Chapter 4. This is a heavy shotgun that fires two rounds and blows you back once you fire it.

FN the dub

Chug Cannon

  • Buy from Sunflower for 600 Gold (Frenzy Fields), or through an Augment, or kill a Loot Llama

The Chug Cannon is one of the Fortnite exotic weapons available in a few places. It’s a souped-up version of the bandage bazooka. It has unlimited ammo, but a cooldown. It heals players with a chug splash effect. Despite being pretty widely available, it’s one of the most useful Fortnite Mythic weapons and exotics.

Chug cannon

Chilli Chug Splash

  • Buy from Frozen Fishstick for 210 Bars (West of Brutal Bastion) or in Lockboxes

These are chug splashes that give both a healing effect and a chilli effect! You can find them in lockboxes as well as an NPC, but they need two lockboxes.

These are all of the Fortnite exotic weapons for this season! A few of them are much easier to find than others though, like the Chug Splash and Chilli Chugs. For the others, you’ll need to rely on a bit of luck for that NPC spawning this game.

FN chili chug splash

Chapter 4 Fortnite Mythic Weapons

There are two Fortnite Mythic weapons active at the moment. Although, they do get added and taken away quickly, so keep an eye on Fortnite news to see if more pop up. Mythics are one-of-a-kind items with a huge advantage for a player. You won’t see them active in tournaments featuring the best Fortnite players, but in pubs they’re invaluable. These are the new mythic locations.

Mythic Ex-Caliber and Mythic Shockwave Hammer

These are two higher-value versions of the most OP item this season… and the Ex-Caliber is here too if you have a spare slot.

You can find the two from the Ageless. He’s located at the Citadel. You’ll need to take him out to get these two weapons. It’s a bigger challenge than the Fortnite exotic weapons, but the prize is worth it.

Those are the only two Mythics active right now. There has also been the My Hero Academia Mythic, but it’s currently vaulted. That also worked more like the exotic weapons Fortnite players could find loads of them in each game despite the Mythic status.