Xbox Cloud Gaming for Fortnite – What’s the Deal?

Fortnite’s mobile version has had a shaky history, but recently a new way to play on more devices has become possible, Xbox Cloud Gaming Fortnite. This new way of playing lets you use the Xbox version of Fortnite to play on mobile devices and more. It’s Fortnite cloud gaming, accessible on most mobile devices without a download. Players get access to Fortnite on iPad without having to work around the lockouts on mobile too.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Fortnite offers quite a few advantages. Since this is all done over the cloud, you’re getting the full experience without having to set up or download anything. This is how cloud Fortnite works and how you can get started.

Fortnite Xbox

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What is Xbox Cloud Gaming Fortnite?

Xbox Cloud Gaming Fortnite, or any other game, is a system where you can stream a console or PC version of a game to a different device. The game runs on the cloud and is just streamed to you, your hardware isn’t running the game.

With this setup, you can use just about any mobile device to play the full version of Fortnite. There’s no downgrade or compromise. With a decent controller, you can even rise up the Fortnite ranks in this version.

This is how to get started with Fortnite cloud gaming.

  • Set up a Microsoft Account
  • Visit Xbox Cloud Gaming on a Mobile Device
  • Select Fortnite
  • Click the Option to Play

That’s the basics of getting Xbox Cloud Gaming Fortnite set up. While the system as a whole is normally paid, Fortnite is free.

Once you’re inside there are some other options to think about though. The first is that you’ll be asked to link your Epic account. This will allow you to use all of your skins and continue progress across Fortnite all seasons, so even if you’re mainly on mobile you don’t miss out.

How to Get Good Performance out of Streaming Fortnite

If you want to get high performance out of cloud Fortnite, you’ll need to have a speedy internet connection. Although, with a decent enough connection, this should feel as stable as standard Fortnite on console. That’s the main limit. Although, Xbox Cloud Gaming Fortnite is set up pretty well to make the most out of what you have. Keep in mind there’s not a separate lobby for the cloud though. All Fortnite active players on Xbox are mixed in together.

Controllers are another area that you should look into if you’re serious about Cloud Gaming for Fortnite. You’ll need a supported Bluetooth controller to really get a better experience with all of the right inputs. Most modern controllers can be hooked up via Bluetooth, but it’s worth looking into more Mobile specific ones. Especially if you’re getting a good frame rate playing Fortnite on iPad.

That’s how to get started working with Xbox Cloud Gaming Fortnite! This is a great new way to play, it’s worth jumping in to get a dub on a mobile device.

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