Gamers8 Fortnite Tournament Concludes with Impressive Win from Japko and Kami

The Gamers8 Fortnite tournament is one of the biggest events outside of the FNCS Majors. The tournament took place on Zero Builds, but boasted a huge prize pool. As one of the rare LANs outside of the end-of-year official circuit finale, it also had an elevated level of competition. This Gamers8 Fortnite tournament was a great look at how the balance of power stands for the top players as we move towards Major 3.

With the Gamers8 Fortnite finals now completed, we know exactly who came out on top. Fortnite itself might be in a lull for Epic’s summer break, but this tournament has made sure the summer is a big one for Fortnite esports. This is how the finals went down and what we learned at the tournament!

Fortnite kami and twis japko

Credit: Gamers8 Esports on Twitter

Gamers8 Fortnite Tournament – One for the Ages

The end of the three-day event came down to a dramatic finish, with a winning duo extending their lead from earlier rounds. Kami and Japko had managed to inch ahead in the first round of the game, taking more than 1,400 points on the first day thanks to some high-kill games along with two separate victory royales.

On the second day though, they dropped a bit. After Day 2, they only finished third. They got lapped by Acorn and EpikWhale, along with Escdark and GntL. The latter Duo managed a very strong second day, starting things with a victory royale before grabbing a second in game three. Their second half went downhill, but the early domination made them look like real contenders for winning at the end of the tournament and claiming their part of the enormous prize pool. With no single Duo dominating over the first two days, there was still plenty to play for in the final day of the Gamers8 Fortnite tournaments.

The third day of the Gamers8 Fortnite finals saw FHD and Hero finish in first place, but all eyes were on the overall standings at this point. A few high place finishes managed to give Japko and Kami the placement points they needed to hold onto their high spot in the rankings. They finished in first place in the end, with 4,019 in total. They ended up getting a great deal of points from placement rather than kills, an interesting quirk of the more perilous no build late games.

Kami and Japko Take the Crown at Fortnite Finals

Japko and Kami managed to get first place, but Gamers8 featured a huge prize pool and ranking further down the rankings is still impressive here. FHD and Hero managed to take second place in the tournament. They’re some of the top players in the Middle East region of the game which often isn’t as much of a focus as Europe. This ending might make a few more teams start paying more attention to the smaller regions in the game.

This was a big tournament, especially for Zero Builds. With the new addition of a Pump shotgun right before the tournament started, there was definitely a fun balance to the loot pool right now.

There are some big differences between the Zero Build games and builds, since it’s lacking the mechanic that pro players really use to push the game to the next level. Events like this are always a great barometer of where some players stand. Last year’s Gamers8 Fortnite winners got catapulted to new heights with the game, and this tournament could give us some clues about how Major 3 is going to go.

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