Fortnite gifting system may arrive in time for the holidays

‘Tis the season for giving – or at least it will be soon. With Thanksgiving just past, Christmas isn’t far off…and Fortnite, apparently, is already gearing up for everyone’s favourite holiday. In a very un-Christmasy move though, Fortnite’s newest feature has been leaked – a gifting system.


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It may just be dropped into the game in time for Christmas too – players may soon be able to give their friends non-refundable in-game items, skins and cosmetics. According to, where info on the new system was leaked, it could well be ready in time for the launch of next season.

There is a chance this is fake or simply a sort of decoy of course, but it makes plenty of sense – many platforms and games support the trading of items after all – a feature similar to Steam trading for example would hardly be outlandish and if ever there was a time for it, it would be Christmas!

According to the information we have, using the gifting system will require two-factor authorisation, and it will require them to be level two or higher. There will also likely be restrictions on what can and can’t be gifted (to prevent abuse, etc) – it’s almost guaranteed that season battle passes, straight up V-bucks and bundles won’t be gift-able.

How it is with items that the other party already owns, items that are part of the season pass etc – that remains as of yet unknown. Odds are, there will be some restrictions there as well, so don’t start begging your friends for their rare items JUST yet.

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Some info has been given that suggests that gifting will also depend on the platform you play on – PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Android are expected to get the feature. That would mean that, iOS for example won’t get it – but that isn’t a very big deal since accounts can be used for cross-play anyway.

There are still two weeks left of season six and if we are going to see this feature at all, it’ll arrive with or during season seven – in other words, it will be a little bit of time yet before we receive proper confirmation on this potential new feature. So far, Epic has declined to comment on the new feature – not unusual as they rarely confirm or deny this type of thing and there are pretty much always ‘leaks’ – most of them turn out to be fake. This one seems to have some merit at the very least.

One thing is certain though – we’d love to see this one in the game! Given that it has been confirmed that there will be a large update during the holiday season either way, the timing would be perfect. With season seven approaching quickly, be on the look-out for other leaks and bits of info ahead of time – since the next season will cover Christmas, we’re expecting lots of Christmas-y shenanigans and epic new skins and moves from Epic…if you’ll pardon the pun.

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