How to slide in Fortnite – A Simple Guide

Fortnite has added quite a few new mechanics lately, with each new Chapter there are even more ways to get around the map. There’s running, climbing, hurdling, and if you know how to slide in Fortnite you can get around much quicker on hills.

Fortnite sliding isn’t the most confusing mechanic. There’s a pretty simple input for how to slide in Fortnite. However, it can be a drop inconsistent though. Jumping into slides, sliding off hills, and sliding on flats can all cause different problems. This is how sliding in Fortnite works!

Fortnite slide

Source: PCGamesn

How to Slide in Fortnite

Sliding in Fortnite is a movement mechanic you can operate with a single button press. It’s worth noting though that you need to be in the right situation for it to work. You can do it by using the crouch button. It’s the same input as a standard crouch. If you’re moving you won’t crouch instead slide along the ground.

That’s how to slide in Fortnite. You’ll need a little momentum for it to actually move along though. If you’re going slow then you’re just going to crouch down. The best way to slide is to use it on a hill. As you head down an incline or a hill you’ll gain loads of momentum and slide at a decent pace. Once you have a decent amount of time spent in Fortnite you’ll probably get it down.

You can avoid fall damage sometimes by sliding down a cliff instead of jumping. Be careful with this though. With too much momentum, might roll off the incline and actually fall!

Slide Kicks

In Fortnite, all seasons haven’t had sliding. Even since sliding got added, it’s had an extra move brought in. You can now do a slide kick against enemies, giving you an offensive option without interrupting your slide. This is pretty simple to pull off though.

To slide kick in Fortnite, all you need to do is slide into an enemy. If you crash into them, you’ll send them upwards as a kick into the air. Depending on how fast you’re going, you could kick them really high into the air. If you’re going slowly though it is just a little knock. This isn’t a move utilized regularly in big games by the best Fortnite players, but it’s always fun.

That’s all you need to know about how you slide in Fortnite as well as pull off the slide kick. Be careful of cliffs when sliding, momentum, and make sure you’ve not accidentally crouched! Once you get the hang of it then you’ll be able to get around the map easier and maybe even send a few enemies flying into the air too.