Ninja talks about leaving Twitch on Kevin Hart show – Was it worth it?

When top streamer Ninja left Twitch in favour of the much smaller and less popular Microsoft platform Mixer, it caused quite the uproar among fans and streamers. Many questioned his decision as it significantly affected his viewership numbers and income.

Recently, Ninja appeared in a segment of Kevin Hart’s Cold as Balls show on YouTube. Part of comedy network Laugh Out Loud’s line-up, Season 3 of the show had Ninja and Hart in a bathtub, talking esports.

For the record, a bathtub each! The guys slowly get in further as they chat about their lives.

Fortnite Streamer Ninja at Cold As Balls from Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud

© Laugh Out Loud

An unusual career-path

Ninja talked about all sorts of things – from his beginnings as a humble American esports star to switching games from Halo to others, playing Fortnite with Drake and so on. He explains what it takes to be successful as a streamer and discusses the appeal of fans that watch esports streamers in the first place.

Ninja explains the pressure that pros are under and what could be done in order to get more exposure for streamers and streaming in general, and touches on the controversial issues that China has with banning and restricting streaming platforms in favour of their own proprietary platforms as well.

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Ice ice baby

The whole conversation takes place in two tubs filled with ice water – that’s the concept of the show. Kevin Hart and his guests slowly sink deeper into a freezing tub while chatting about their lives.

Ninja talks about the two ways to really make big money in gaming – competing and streaming. He went down the streaming route, but with esports tournaments having prize pools of $30 million and above, competing can be lucrative as well – or a combination of both!

Of course, one of the bigger talking points was Ninjas controversial choice to switch to Mixer from Twitch. Ninja said that, contrary to popular opinion, it wasn’t a money-play, but that the move happened because he was trying to grow his brand with a better deal with Mixer.

That’s not all that happens in the episode though – mixed in with straight talk about Ninja and his career in esports is plenty of profanity, thinly (or not at all) veiled insults and a lot of chatter about Drake and how often he seems to be late to things… plus, of course, a lot of ice in two tubs.

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