Fortnite’s v4.4 patch is out and it stinks….in a good way

Fortnite is pretty well-known for providing regular updates with new content, new game-modes and even new weapons. Their most recent update was the v4.4 patch and it came with quite a few new goodies and changes to the game.

It’s worth noting that this is the first big patch that came out since Fortnite launched on the Nintendo Switch. The game’s launch there has been fairly successful with no major issues other than the PS4/Switch account issue that Sony so far still hasn’t addressed or resolved.

As for the actual update, the game now features a long-anticipated new throwable weapon, the Stink Bomb. It creates a stinky cloud that deals damage over time. More specifically, it deals ten damage per second over nine seconds in total. You can find this new weapon in chests, vending machines and as floor loot, always as an Epic rarity item. If you’re hoping to lug around dozens of them, don’t get too excited – like grenades they drop in stacks of three and you can hold up to 5 per slot.

Of course, that’s not all that the new addition brought. A new limited time playing mode has been added too. Following the big 50v50 mode, the new one is called Final Fight and features five teams of 20 players each. That’s not the big difference for this mode though – after the third shift, the circles stops closing, and instead a countdown begins. Once that has ticked down, whichever team has the most players remaining at the end will win. If two teams tie, they both get the win.

The new suit that was introduced at the same time is called 8-bit demo and pays homage to Minecraft and other 8bit-style games. It looks like this:

Fortnite skin

You can find it in the event store – after 8pm ET on June 20th anyway. Epic Games have also made some other adjustments to the game – for example, there is now a limit to how much unloaded rocket ammo players can hold at one time. This is now capped at 12, and in addition, the reload time was increased by roughly half a second. This makes the relatively overpowered rocket launcher a little more balanced. So far, the weapon had been used to demolish entire bases in just a few seconds. Hopefully, Epic’s update will make the weapon more fair.

Another thing that got an adjustment is the thermal scope. As players may have noticed, Cozy Campfires didn’t light up before, but they do now. Enemy structures on the other hand aren’t lit up any more, allowing for a more even playing experience.

In addition to all the gameplay changes listed above, Epic also resolved lots of performance, audio and other bugs and known issues. If you want to see the exact patch info, check out the Epic change log here.