Fortnite enables Siphon for FNCS Major 3 and Last Chance Major

The Fortnite competitive scene is buzzing with the latest announcement from Fortnite Status. In a recent tweet, they revealed that Siphon has been enabled for the upcoming FNCS Major 3 and Last Chance Major. This change also extends to this week’s Solo Victory Cash Cup and Duos Cash Cup, where the impact of Siphon in tournaments will be monitored and evaluated.

The Siphon mechanic, a popular feature among Fortnite players, allows competitors to gain health or shields by eliminating their opponents. This strategic element adds an extra layer of excitement and intensity to the matches, making the upcoming tournaments even more thrilling to watch.


The Fortnite community has been quick to respond to this announcement. On Reddit, user Alphasilverhawk expressed approval of the change, asking:

“Good change! Now when is Ranked gonna receive this?”

Another user, ogg_ogg, simply commented, “Nice one epic,” indicating their satisfaction with the decision.

This development is sure to shake up the competitive landscape as players adapt their strategies to take advantage of the Siphon mechanic. With the FNCS Major 3 and Last Chance Major on the horizon, Fortnite fans have a lot to look forward to.

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