How to Track Stats in Fortnite – Keep Track of It All

In Fortnite, players have loads of metrics they can use to measure their success and their growth. Epic offers some in-game but your Fortnite stats go beyond what they display to you. At the end of a match, you can see your damage dealt, taken, accuracy, elims, assists, and loads of Fortnite player stats. What about tracking your actual placement and elims per game though?

That’s where a Fortnite stats tracker comes in. This is probably the best way to track how your performance is changing in-game. This is how they work and how you can track your Fortnite stats to see where you need to improve.

Fortnite stats

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Fortnite Stats Tracker – What Should You Track?

Most of the major Fortnite stats trackers offer the same option for you to watch your performance. You can see the various metrics that tell you how you’re playing in that period of the game. These are some of the main metrics you’ll find in a stats tracker.

  • Wins
  • Win Percentage
  • Elims per match
  • Elims per Death
  • Top Finish percentage.

All of these metrics help you learn how you measure up. You can see the actual percentage of games that you had a decent ranking in and how you compare for kills. The best Fortnite stats trackers even let you compare yourself to the entire player base, giving you a measurement for what percentage of players you’re beating in each of the metrics. These rankings include the best Fortnite players, so you’re getting a full look at how you compare to everyone else.

You can also check your stats for specific seasons. You can isolate your stats by this season or even a past season. This way you can see how the changing nature of Battle Royale is impacting your performance. They cover all Fortnite seasons, so you can even see how your first few months in the game went! Players can check how many games they’ve played, and their time spent on Fortnite. There are loads more measurements and information than you’ll get from the game itself.

How Do Stats Trackers Work?

You can find stats trackers that let you measure these stats at a few different sites. All of them use the same system for getting your Fortnite player stats though. The trackers use the Fortnite API for this data which is publicly available. Even if your profile doesn’t actively show all of these stats, it’s available for look-up. These stat trackers make use of this data and display it in an easy-to-understand format.

The Fortnite stat trackers are one of the best ways to get an idea of how your performance is changing and developing. Keeping an eye on it will help you learn how often you’re getting killed early on, and where you need to improve in-game.