When Does the Fortnite Battle Pass End?

The Fortnite Battle Pass is the central part of each new season, with new skins, cosmetics, and a sense of progression as you navigate everything that’s new on the island. Whether you’ve hit those high-tier bonus rewards or not though, it has to end. When does the Fortnite Battle Pass end? If you can’t get through the Battle Pass in-time, you’ll lose those skins and cosmetics forever! Potentially missing out on the coolest Fortnite skins.

Fortnite battle pass

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The game doesn’t exactly advertise when the current Battle Pass will end. There are timers and expiry dates for the content which gives us a few clues about how long a season can run. However, everyone with a longer time spent on Fortnite remembers how this can go. Fortnite can have seasons that get extended for quite a while. It can leave their internal markers of when the BP will end as more of guidance than fact!

If you want to make sure you grab everything that you possibly can, you’ll need to have an end date in mind. This is what you need to know about when the Fortnite Battle Pass ends.

When Does the Current Fortnite Battle Pass End?

The current Battle Pass ends on June 2 2023. That’s the current date given at least. You’ll have to get everything completely finished by that date, or lose it forever. Epic will still be selling the Battle Pass on the very last day, so watch out that you actually unlock what you need!
The Battle Pass screen does have a vague countdown of how long you have to finish up the Battle Pass. That’s where we get this end date. In the past though, when does the Fortnite Battle Pass end has been a question with different answers. Epic can change things and won’t shout about it, so you could miss out.
For now, this is the date that has been confirmed by Epic and it’s when the expiry for season-long quests is going to expire. If you want all Fortnite skins, that’s when you need to get all of this season’s offerings before.
However, that date could change.

Can the Battle Pass End Get Delayed?

That’s the answer to when does the Battle Pass ends, but it could get longer. Epic’s timers in-game and more hints at when it’s changing. In-game, it’s a countdown for players to make sure they don’t neglect their quests and leave things unfinished. Not all Fortnite active players check in when there’s no new content, this timer helps them finish their quests in time. It isn’t set in stone.

If Epic has some trouble with the next season or needs to make a delay for some reason, this timer will simply change without notification. That’s how it’s worked in the past. Even just last season, Epic ended a part of the Battle Pass early without giving any notice.
The Geralt bonus skin in Chapter 4 Season 1 had the wrong expiry date for the entire season. Since some players missed out, Epic had to hand out the skin to those who didn’t get it in time weeks later! Things like this can happen, and it could mean you don’t have as long as you think to finish the Battle Pass. The season seems to be in a good state, but there are some reasons why we might still have delays. The key new mechanic, hurdling, still isn’t in the game. UEFN has now finally launched after ages in Fortnite leaks, but that major addition could mean delays to the main game.

While the current season has had big content updates regularly, it’s possible we’ll see a bit of an extension if new content isn’t working in time. Unless that happens though, fans have until June 2 to finish their Battle Pass! After that time, anything you don’t unlock is lost forever.

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