Free Fire World Series 2022 is heading to Sentosa, Singapore

The Free Fire World Series 2022 has been announced, it is going to take place in Sentosa, bringing the top players from the entire world into one place. The event is going to be the highest level of competition from the Battle Royale. The mobile game has grown in popularity recently, but it has faced a few controversies. Despite this, the Free Fire World Series looks set to go ahead to find the top competitor for the game for the year.

Just last week, it was revealed that PUBG developers are suing over alleged copyright infringement in Free Fire. However, it doesn’t look like Free Fire is going to be fading away on the back of this. The Free Fire World Series achieved huge viewer numbers last time it was held, and the 2022 version looks set to be even bigger.

FreeFire World Series 2022

Free Fire World Series

Free Fire World Series 2022

The Free Fire World Series is going to take place over May. The event begins on the 14th and runs through to the 21st. Participants for the World Series are going to be the teams that have proved their worth in regional tournaments. The prize pool hasn’t been fully announced yet, however in previous years it ran as high as $2,000,000. We can probably expect something similarly impressive this time around.

The Free Fire World Series 2022 is going to see 22 teams coming into the event from 13 regional Leagues. Play-Ins will be the first part of the event. 12 teams will play against each other with the top 2 joining the other players in the finals.

The finals will feature 10 teams that were chosen for their performance in recent events, along with two from the play-ins. The teams are going to be squads drawn from the regional tournament. This is an international event where all regions of the game are going to be represented.

The finals will feature six rounds evenly spread between three maps in Free Fire. The teams receive points based on both their match ranking and the number of kills they manage to rack up.

Who is Competing?

The combatants at the Free fire world Series haven’t been fully announced yet. We do know which events are going to be deciding the teams in competition though. These are how the slots work out:

  • Liga Brasileira winner
  • League Latinoamerica Winner
  • Pro League CIS Winner
  • Europe Pro League Winner
  • Arab League Winner
  • India Championship Winner
  • Vietnam League Winner
  • Pro League TH Winner
  • Indonesia Masters
  • MCP Masters

Those are the events that are going to pick who is taking part. However, anyone who doesn’t win their respective local region has more chances. They could manage to qualify via the play-ins if they don’t quite manage to get their slot earlier.

Free Fire is under a little controversy at the moment, but lawsuits don’t seem to be stopping the game from holding its biggest esports events. Fans can catch all of the action in May. If you’re looking at esports betting for this event though, you should probably check out those regional tournaments to see which teams are standing out going into the event.