FURIA Exits Rainbow Six Esports Days After TSM Leaves

Following more than two years of active competition in the space, FURIA has suddenly announced that it will be leaving Rainbow Six esports. In a lengthy statement posted to Twitter, FURIA’s founder, Jaime Pádua, explained the reasons driving the decision, uncovering some concerns that the organisation has with the state of Rainbow Six at present. This news came just days after TSM announced that it too would be leaving Rainbow Six esports.

It doesn’t end there – in January 2023, Luminosity pulled out of Rainbow Six Siege. Towards the end of last year, Invictus Gaming, a Chinese organisation, also stepped back from active competition in Six Siege. Further back, in September 2022, Team Empire released its entire Rainbow Six roster.

What exactly is the issue with Rainbow Six esports at the moment?

Why Did FURIA Leave Rainbow Six Esports?

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Image Credit: FURIA

Pádua explained on Twitter that, while Rainbow Six Siege is a ‘fascinating game’, the synergy between the publisher and esports organisations just isn’t there. He also stated that the ecosystem surrounding the game at large isn’t driven or managed effectively enough to actually ‘work’. In his own words, FURIA attempts to connect to its communities and make use of the synergy between developers, publishers, and organisations in order to grow and expand.

This is what Pádua had to say about the issues that appear to be running rampant through the Rainbow Six Siege scene:

Unfortunately this was not the case in the R6. In the modality it is still difficult to generate revenue in a way that is actually worthwhile to sustain the conditions that we want to offer to athletes and the community as a whole.’ – Pádua talking about the lack of a productive connection between Ubisoft and the esports organisations in the scene.

Furthermore, Pádua explored the issues within the community:

There is a lack of an effective commander for the scenario and therefore unfortunately in R6 this synergy has not yet happened.’ – Pádua speaking on the lack of support for creators and members of the media trying to grow the R6S scene.

TSM abandoned the Rainbow Six Siege esports community just one year after winning the biggest tournament in the space – the Six Invitational. There are suggestions circulating that TSM’s entry into CSGO esports this year was a factor in the organisation withdrawing from R6S esports

At present, the Six Invitational is playing out, and it’s due to wrap up on the 19th of February. Can we expect more departures once the tournament has finished?