G2 Gozen vs Team Liquid Brazil – VCT Game Changers Championship Match Preview

With this year’s Valorant Champions Tour coming to an end, the Game Changers Championship has so far been an exciting tournament to watch. Eight of the best teams around the world are battling for their share in the generous 500,000$ prize pool, and most importantly, the crown of the first women’s international Valorant Champion.

While other teams continue to fight through the Lower Brackets for a second chance, the two powerhouses G2 Gozen and Team Liquid Brazil are about to compete for the first spot in the Grand Final. The Upper Bracket Final between these two teams will be a best of three match to determine who’s securing their spot for the chance to grab the crown.

G2 Gozen

G2 Gozen as dominant as ever

G2 Gozen have shown great strength and composure throughout the tournament so far. In the first  match versus X10 Sapphire during the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, G2 showed no remorse for their opponent and went into the Semifinals with two consecutive wins on Icebox and Breeze.

The Upper Bracket Semifinals was a real banger, against Cloud9 White. On the first map, G2 Gozen lost the game after a troubling performance on the map Ascent with a 6 rounds difference. Right after that, they managed to turn the tables and put Cloud9 White in their place with a 7 round difference. In the final and determining match they went full agro on Cloud9 White and won the map with a 13-3 score.

Showing great potential, mimi carried the title of the MVP versus both teams they faced.

TL Brazil have incredible comeback potential

Team Liquid Brazil has also shown great team composition and managed to get themselves out of impossible situations.  In their first match versus FENNEL Female, they started off strong during the first match on Ascent, but lost in the second match on Icebox where FENNEL Female dominated the map. The loss did not discourage Team Liquid as they proceeded to win the deciding match on Breeze and qualified for the Upper Bracket Semifinals.

In the Semifinals they faced Shopify Rebellion GC and managed to do the unimaginable. They lost the first map (Fracture), and things were not looking good on the second map either. During the second match on Bind, Shopify Rebellion led with a 12-10 score, but Team Liquid managed to break the opponent’s spirit with 4 consecutive wins. After the nerve-wrecking tension during the first two matches, Team Liquid proceeded to destroy the enemy on Icebox and secure their well-deserved spot in the Upper Bracket Finals.

TL Brazil Gamechangers

G2 Gozen vs Team Liquid Brazil – Match Predictions

The Upper Bracket finals is certainly going to be a close match between the two forceful teams. Both G2 Gozen and Team Liquid Brazil have shown what they’re truly capable of during this tournament. Whoever wins the Upper Bracket Finals goes straight to the Grand Finals. But not all is lost for the other team. Whoever loses gets a second chance in the Lower Bracket Finals.

If I was a Valorant betting person (this is an understatement), I’d go for G2 Gozen winning in 2 maps. The scoreline may be close on both, but G2 got this one bagged.