Where To Find Trial Chambers in Minecraft

The Trial Chambers have arrived in Minecraft at long last. The long-awaited and highly anticipated new addition in the 1.21 update has finally been added, and as of June 13, players can spend their days fighting with Breezes or other enemies and trying to come away with rare loot.

It’s a dangerous place to be, but it is highly rewarding. It’s very much like the Woodland Mansion in that sense, although more of a dungeon-like structure as well. Here’s where to find the new generated structure.

What are Trial Chambers in Minecraft?

Trial Chambers Minecraft

Images via Minecraft Wiki

Trial Chambers are a new structure added to Minecraft in 1.21 that gives players a chance to take on challenging trials and obtain great loot. They’re a lot like dungeons, but not like the dungeons you may be familiar with in Minecraft prior to 1.21. Instead, these chambers challenge you to defeat Trial Spawners to earn Vault Keys. Vault Keys can then used on Vaults to unlock them and receive incredible rewards.

Where to find Minecraft Trial Chambers in 1.21

The Trial Chambers don’t spawn very frequently. Since they are dangerous mobs and have extremely rare items in them, they’re not very easy to find. Presently, they don’t have any specified biomes or locations to look in. Instead they spawn randomly underground. One of the best ways to find them is by caving. If you discover an outcropping of Tuff blocks and Copper, then you’ve likely found a Trial Chamber. They’re out there, but the only sure-fire way to get to them is to use the map.

Another to find one is to use a map from a Cartographer villager. Unfortunately, that’s not easy to do. Cartographer villagers give these maps at level two, which means you have to spend a lot of paper every single in-game day to level them up. Once they get to level two, though, there are three options: the Ocean Explorer map, the Woodland Mansion map, and the Trial Chambers map. You can’t see which map you’re going to be trading for until you unlock level two, meaning you may have to keep trying with new villagers to get the right map. That’s going to require a lot of sugar cane to make all that paper!

Once you do get there, be prepared to face many trials, hence the name. Breezes are difficult mobs to fight, so don’t wander in without excellent weapons and armor!

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