Gen.G vs DRX Match Analysis – LCK Spring 2022

Gen.G and DRX, two of the best teams in the LCK’s spring split this season, will face each other on Sunday in a blockbuster fixture.

What to expect from that match? And how to bet on it? We break down the match along with an analysis below.



Gen.G looking better across the board

Gen.G are presently second in the LCK standings with 9 wins out of 11 matches so far in spring. They have picked up some momentum now with three straight wins. In terms of maps, they have won 18 of 25 maps at a win rate of over 70%. This is what you come to expect from a team as consistent as Gen.G. They have received able production from several avenues. They have had four different players, who have averaged three or more kills per map so far in spring. That is usually indicative of a successful team in League of Legends.

Mid laner Chovy has led Gen G so far this split, both in terms of kill production as well as efficiency. He has managed 4.2 kills, 1.52 deaths and 6.16 assists at a KDA of 6.82 and a creep score of 317.4. Ruler is not too far behind with returns of 3.8 kills, 1.52 deaths and 5.68 assists at a KDA of 6.24.

On Betway, their win has odds of x1.40. Is that fair?

Yes, I would say that betting on Gen.G is totally worth it. They have been in sensational form right through this split, but more importantly, they have been one of the most consistent teams in the world for a while now. That will likely continue in this one against a DRX team that may find it hard to find their best against a team that has been effective in almost all areas of the map this season.

Any chance for DRX?

DRX have won 7 of 11 matches and overtook DWG KIA in the spring standings. They have won 14 of 26 maps so far this season, which puts them in a position where they can capitalize on their rhythm and momentum inside Summoner’s Rift. It will, however, have to be concerted and methodical to stand a chance against one of the best in the world.

Who will DRX look to?

Bot laner Deft has been in exceptional form this season, with returns of 3.92 kills, 1.81 deaths and 4.08 assists per map at a KDA of 4.43 with a creep score of 344.81. The other langes have also been guarded well: by Zeka in the mid lane and Kingen in the top lane. Zeka has managed returns of 2 kills, 1.4 deaths and 4.48 assists at a KDA of 4.63 and a creep score of 331.

It’s an optimistic bet to consider if you are wagering on DRX. While they do perform well lately, they are nowhere near the form Gen.G is presenting this split. I personally doubt they can even win a single map.