Gen.G vs DWG Kia – Battle of Giants in LCK Week 2

LCK will be entering Week 2 with one of the most anticipated series of the Summer Split!

Gen.G Esports will be facing DWG Kia in a series that might become crucial for the final seeding during Playoffs. With both teams undefeated in LCK Week 1, who will continue the domination?


Gen.G vs DWG Kia – LCK Week 2 Match Preview

Both teams come from a great 2-0 week, after quickly sweeping their enemies. On one hand, we saw a great Gen.G who have shown great draft flexibility, especially in the bot lane. Lehends can play many different picks to pair with Senna, including his signature Singed pick. They have run two similar compositions and had strong success with them. We will see if they will pull out something different against DWG Kia, but knowing Gen.G, they will likely stick to the status quo.

On the other hand, DWG Kia seemed much better with their old guard Nuguri coming back. The Korean top laner seems to have found his form back, after that terrible split on FunPlusPhoenix. The domestic environment probably allowed him to find his groove and he’s back to that insane top laner people remember. Insane stats so far, despite being mostly on weakside duty: we’ll have to see how he matches against top teams in the league.

Series Analysis

Just like usual, the trend of the series will depend on how two teams will draft. We usually see that happen between two strong teams, and any edge you can get might be crucial to the match. So far, we saw DWG Kia permabanning the Ahri, with Gwen and Taliyah also high in priority.

Gen.G also have taken away those picks, but not as often. Lucian was deemed a much stronger champion since Ruler likes to play scaling ADCs and they all suffer against the gunslinger lane bully. I’m expecting Lucian to be on the ban list again in this series.

Other good picks that will be highly contested are likely going to be Corki, Azir and Twisted Fate. All of these mages have great value, for different reasons. Corki and Azir have great scaling and team fighting ability, while TF helps accelerate the game with great map presence and the ability to play split and make picks on the map.

If you have seen the trend, the mid lane will be at the center of the attention, with both Chovy and ShowMaker being important keys to victory. I think that by looking at the individual lanes, DWG Kia has the better top side, while Gen.G has a much better bot. With this in mind, the two mid’s performance will likely dictate the series and swing the result in their own team’s favor. As of right now, I see Chovy doing a little better, especially when it comes to mages. For this reason, I’m slightly favoring Gen.G for the two teams’ first encounter of the split.

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  • Winner: Gen.G (1.72x)
  • First Dragon: Gen.G (1.88x)
  • First Herald: DWG Kia (1.90x)
  • Match total kills: under 60.5 (1.97x)
  • Correct Map Score: Gen.G 2-1 DWG Kia (3.51x)
  • Total Dragon Slain: over 4.5 (1.54x)
  • First Tower: DWG Kia (2.00x)

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