Genshin Impact esports at University Invitational – Vote for free Primogems!

Genshin Impact might not be the first game that jumps to mind when you imagine esports. However, the world of esports is constantly growing, encompassing everything from rocket cars playing football to deep shooters, why can’t Genshin impact join that roster?

The Genshin Impact University Invitational looks set to do that. The game isn’t the most obvious choice for esports, but with a big community surrounding it, there’s definitely some potential. The Genshin Impact university Invitational UK is going to be a tournament featuring university teams exclusively.

The Invitational isn’t just a novelty though, there’s a prize pool on offer here too.


Genshin Impact University Invitational

The tournament is being organized by the National Student Esports. The NSE is the main organization for university-level esports in the UK. They don’t usually hold tournaments with these more varied games, but the university event looks like a fun change. The tournament is organized by the NSE alongside HoYoverse, the developer of Genshin Impact.

The Genshin Impact University Invitational is going to feature a prize pool of £11,000. The top teams will also get primogems, provided they can finish up in the top three. This means there are decent stakes for these tournaments, especially considering it’s a university-level event. The tournament will start with qualifiers, taking place at the various universities in London. The Finals will be moved to the Shoreditch Platform Bar. Here there will be space for spectators to get involved and watch the game too.

Universities are taking part in the Invitational along with one wildcard team, these are the participants:

  • Brunel University London
  • Imperial College London
  • King’s College London
  • University College London
  • University of Surrey
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • London South Bank University
  • University of Roehampton London
  • University of Warwick
  • Wildcard Gaming (Non-university Team)

Vote for your team!

Voting for your favorite team has been opened on the official page. You can see all the registered teams and the University they hail from and cast your vote to boost their popularity. You can vote at each stage of the event, and receive up to 100 Primogems as each stage concludes.

Quite an easy way to farm gems.

Genshin Impact Esports

This new event is an interesting development for Genshin Impact, a game that few probably expected to end up with an esports scene. However, this isn’t the first event for the game. The title has had quite a few tournaments, although they’ve largely been in China. The Genshin Impact University Invitational is the first of its kind in the west.

Genshin’s main appeal might be its diverse array of characters. However, it also has an elemental combat system which can be quite fun. The developers haven’t added a full PvP Arena just yet. Players have essentially made their own though. They battle each other in the Spiral Abyss. The way that players compete in Genshin Impact is even quite complicated in places.

The action-RPG gameplay isn’t the friendliest to esports, but it’s definitely workable and the events held so far outside of the west have gone well. Players have found ways to play the game at a high level, especially when in competition with others. While a University Invitational might not be the event to kick off a whole league in the West, it’s a nice bit of diversity in epsorts.