Halo Championship Series returns with a year-long calendar

This week has been a bit of a big one for Halo. After delays of over a year, the new free-to-play multiplayer element of Halo has launched a few weeks before its expected release date of December. Fans are still getting to grips with the latest shooter in the franchise. Amid initial praise of how to shooter feels, developer 343 have followed up with detail on the Halo Championship Series 2022.

Halo Championship Series

The HCS 2022 isn’t going to be slow getting started. Things are going to begin as early as November 21st. The competitive season has a clear roadmap already detailed, with two splits and the main event at the end of the season. This is how it’s all going to work:

Halo Championship Series 2021-22

The Halo Championship Series is going to be returning for Infinite. This event last ran in 2018, but had 4 seasons prior to this. After this long break, the event is coming back. The HCS is going to be a wide-ranging season of events for the best esports players in the game. Teams will be divided into regions and online tournaments are going to be running.

There will be regions for North America (US, Canada, and Puerto Rico), Mexico, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and Europe.

The prize pool for this event is going to be big compared to what the HCS has had in the past.  The season will have a prize pool that goes beyond $3 million dollars. This is where the prize pool is starting. However, a crowdfunding system will be used to increase this prize pool and give impressive stakes for this season of Halo.

Online Tournaments

There will be online tournaments running on the Faceit platforms that offer points to seed certain events, This grassroots part of the League is going to be important going forward, with professional teams expected to use a lot of up and coming players and rosters. These will also be Last Chance qualifiers for some of the bigger events in the Halo Championship Series.

Halo Championship Series Pro Series

The Pro Series events are the next level up for the HCS. These will be online events with professional teams in each region. However, higher-ranking amateur players are going to feature in the online events too.

Supers and Regionals

Each region will build its events towards an Online Super and a Regional Championship. These will be events that offer a way to qualify for the majors. There will be open brackets and decent prize pools here.

Halo Championship Series Majors

The Majors are the large open events that will be narrowing the competition down to only the best. These events are going to give teams the bulk of their points for the season and set the stage for which teams stand where in the rankings.

Halo World Championship

The Halo World Championship will be a worldwide event concluding the first season of the new style of HCS. This event is going to be big, and it is the title that every team is going to be hoping to take at the end of the year. This will definitely be the big event for Halo betting.

Halo Championship Series Integration for Fans

343 is going all out for this relaunch of the Halo Championship Series. They’re pushing for it to be integrated into the main Halo game in a way that more matches more modern esports. Fans can already buy skins matching up with their favourite Halo Infinite teams. They can get more too by integrating their Twitch accounts. Viewing the HCS is going to come with Master Chief armor drops, exclusive to those watching the event.

The HCS isn’t returning in the same format as in the past. However, this new type of esports for the game isn’t the only change. There is also going to be a change in organizers. Esports Engine will be joining as a new co-organizer, which should help to get the HCS off to a solid start after such a long break. In some regions, other partners will be joining in too. DreamHack will be partnered in Europe, Gaming partners in Mexico, and ESL Australia in Australia and New Zealand.

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