Heroes of the Storm Esports Game Review HOTS is a Blizzard’s MOBA homage to its incredible history & Universe, a mash-up of its classic heroes set atop team-based battlefields

A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is both developed and published by the world-renowned Blizzard Entertainment. Released on June 2nd, 2015, the Heroes of the Storm gameplay pits heroes from Warcraft, Starcraft, Overwatch, Diablo and The Lost Vikings against each other.

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Check out our brief HOTS review

The Heroes of the Storm gameplay (aka HoTS or HOTS) is powered and supported by Blizzard’s online community gaming service, Battle.net.

The action takes place with 5-versus-5 matches with players or AI, who choose one hero from a pool of 72 to battle with. Characters are divided into five roles; Assassin, Warrior, Support, Specialist and one Multiclass hero. Unless purchased permanently by using in game currency, the heroes revolve on a weekly based rotation.

Players can also use mounts, allowing them to charge about the map at full speed to swiftly confront the trials of the game. However, teams unite in levelling up together as one force, amplifying existing abilities and developing new ones. Consequently, shared XP makes team work fundamental to success in HotS.

To support the chaos, HoTS adheres to free-to-play and freemium structures alongside microtransactions.

HoTS Game Modes Know more about HoTS Game Modes!

At the timing of writing our esports game review, HoTS features 13 game modes, including; tutorials, training, versus A.I, Quick Match, Unranked, Ranked (Hero League, Team League) Heroes Brawl (Arenas, Mutators and Single Lanes) and custom games.

HOTS turns the game around with each mode. After learning in the sanctuary of tutorials, quick match randomises the player map and initially conceals opposing hero identities. Furthermore, the rules of Heroes Brawl change on a weekly basis.

Whilst instinct is vital in the higher modes, you can butt heads with players of your calibre as you scale the bronze-grandmaster league rankings.

Additionally, each of the corresponding 13 player maps are consequential for game modes. With each arena comes map-specific victory criteria, shifting the play.

Upgrade 2.0 – What’s your intake? The Evolution of HOTS

The Heroes of the Storm 2.0 upgrade boasts a bolstered progression system, more exciting and worthwhile loot as well as additional battlegrounds and heroes. Furthermore, the new gem currency replaces real money and unlocks access to heroes and items in the games featured shop.

At level 5 you will unlock 1000 of them, and even more will filter through as you progress through the game. Featured items also switch out on a regular basis as the game evolves. Moreover, there is no more level cap, player levels amassed from all Hero levels acquired, creating slicker play rapidly.

Is HOTS worth the trouble? Let us know!

Blizzard are ensuring everyone gets a slice of the fun regardless of their wallet. A MOBA game has never been so content heavy and accessible, and alongside Heroes of the Storm 2.0 and regular updates, HotS is the perfect way to celebrate Blizzard’s franchises.

Because of some limitations that come with Heroes of the Storm’s content rotation though, if you’re looking for a multiplayer online battle arena game to get you started on the path to MOBA greatness, you might want to think about starting with also other gaming options, like League of Legends or Dota 2.