Mindfreak qualify for Heroes of the Storm HGC Intercontinental Clash

The Australian team Mindfreak only recently entered the Heroes of the Strom scene – in April 2018, they acquired Nomia and joined. Mindfreak itself of course, is much older, having been established in 2010.

Originally made up exclusively of Australian players, when player Penta left the team in June this year, he was replaced with Korean player Ryoo. With that new line-up, the team went on to compete and achieved a very impressive record. Beginning in April of this year, the team competed in 7 major tournaments and placed 1st in 5 of them, 2nd in one and tied for 9th place in the remaining one. They racked up some pretty decent prize money as well, with winnings of up to $16.000 for each of these tournaments.


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Their most recent win of course, was the 2018 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase #2 Intercontinental Clash. Winnign 4:1, the team put down a solid performance against their opponents, Thunder Predator.

This was, of course, only a small Premier tournament featuring a Best of 7 single elimination. There was a lot more at stake than just the $3.500 winnings however – the winners, in this case, of course, Mindfreak get to go to the 2018 HGC Finals at BlizzCon.

That’s where the real winnings await – with a prize pool of a million dollars, there is much to be won. The overall winners of the tournament get to take home half a million, while the other 11 teams receive smaller prices – however, even the ‘worst’ performing team will receive at least $10.000. Given their track record since this April, Mindfreak certainly seem like they have a good shot, although their competition is pretty fierce as well.

In between Team Dignitas and their other opponents, a win is all but guaranteed of course. Not all of the competing teams have even been decided yet – with BlizzCon rapidly approaching, it won’t be long until the remaining 4 teams make it onto the roster.

With HGC Europe, HGC EU Playoffs, HGC NA Playoffs and HGC South Korea Playoffs still to come, there is every chance for other competitors to shake up the odds some more, though it’s sure that the teams that already qualified are more than up to the challenge.

Team Dignitas, HeroesHearth, Gen.G, Tempest, Beyond The Game, The One, Luna Meow and of course Mindfreak have already secured their spots in the finals and are now awaiting the remaining competitions’ outcomes. The last teams will be decided in the 1st week of October, only weeks before the finals take place.

Tickets for the event at BlizzCon are already sold out and have been for some time – while virtual tickets remain a possibility, those not lucky enough to snag a ticket to the physical event have unfortunately missed their chance already – though, there is, of course, always next years’ event to look forward to! Ticket or no, you can of course follow the competition via online stream to cheer on your favourite team!